​The ultimate healthy hydration hack

By Bob Fear

​The ultimate healthy hydration hack

A new easy, innovative way of finding out if you’re dehydrated and need to drink more water - paint your bathroom walls!

To help raise awareness of healthy hydration, we’ve teamed up with a posh paint company to launch an exclusive range of premium quality paints perfect to decorate your bathroom or WC with. These eight brand new colours, while lending a touch of class to any home interior, also serve as a handy indicator of whether you’re sufficiently hydrated or not. Simply compare the colour of your pee to these eight illuminating shades to see if you need to drink more water.

No. 8 - Tikka Masala Morning

If your pee is verging on the brown, then get some pure healthy water down yourself in quick smart fashion. You’re definitely dehydrated and you need to rebalance your body’s natural water level. As well as feeling thirsty, in this state you’re more likely to feel less alert than normal, irritable, light-headed and lethargic. You may have a headache and your cognitive functions may be impaired. But don’t worry, drinking anything from a small glass of water to a full water bottle can have an immediate alerting and revitalising effect. And remember that caffeine and alcohol are diuretics, so can make some people pee more often, hence you’ll get even more dehydrated if you don’t drink enough pure water.

No. 7 - Manila Envelope

Dark yellow is not the ideal shade for your pee. You’re likely to be feeling a tad tired and you may also have a headache. Be sure to drink some pure fresh water to bring you back round and get your body’s natural balance back.

No. 6 - Turmeric Flow

Still not good! If your pee is this shade of yellow then you’re still dehydrated. Try drinking fresh, pure water little and often to keep your hydration level up during the day. You’re probably not feeling as sharp than normal and a little less able to cope with the day. You may not need headache pills or any miracle cure or tonic other than simple, straightforward water.

No. 5 - Golden Retriever

While this may be a nice, warm shade of yellow, your body’s water balance is not yet in the comfort zone. While you may not be feeling too many obvious negative effects, you’re still mildly dehydrated and you should be drinking more water. Around 1.5 litres is recommended, that’s six to eight glasses of water a day. This should replace normal water loss throughout the day. If it’s hot or you’re exercising and sweating more than usual, then you should drink more.

No. 4 - Legohead

You’re getting there, but you could still be a wee bit dehydrated. Water, lower-fat milks and lower-sugar or sugar-free drinks, including tea and coffee, all count towards your daily fluid intake. But lay off the sugary stuff as this can damage your health in other ways. Remember to keep your caffeine level in check as well. Some people find that drinking caffeine only makes them pee more often, so you could be getting dehydrated that way.

No. 3 - Canary’s Breath

Not bad, not bad! Light yellow is a shade of pee that says ok. You’re generally doing fine. Technically, a 1% loss of water in your body means that you’ll be experiencing thirst. This may not sound much but this means that your memory function, attention-span, concentration and reaction time can decrease by about 10%.

No. 2 - Pale Pikachu

Now this is much more like it! Such a reassuring shade to behold. Pale yellow pee means all is good. It looks like you’re drinking enough water and keeping healthily hydrated. Nice one!

No. 1 - Diamond Splash

Clear urine usually means you’re bang on and not in the least bit dehydrated. It’s a fine balance though, and you don’t want to be peeing all day - that’s a sign of overhydration! You can probably afford to lay off the water a little at this level. Just remember, around six to eight glasses of water a day should replace normal water loss.

Why not make the pee colour test super easy by painting your bathroom the appropriate shade? Either drink enough water to always ensure your pee matches the wall colour, or drink more to ensure it doesn’t! We’d highly recommend picking our personal favourite - Pale Pikachu. But maybe you want to go for a splash of Golden Retriever to remind you when to up your water intake? Or maybe you prefer to be a bit more daring and go for Turmeric Flow? Just remember, whatever paint is the perfect shade for your walls, it’s the colour of your pee that really matters. 

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