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We have 2 Home Water System packages that you can choose from.

To help you decide which package is right for you, we’ve created some handy FAQs and a comparison table.

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How does each package compare?

Whilst we appreciate an on-running service is not for everyone, our Smart Package will save you over £114 in the first year, costing less than £5 per week over 3 years.

Smart Basic
Water System Cost £279.99
x12 monthly £23.33
x12 monthly £41.67
Monthly Service £12.95
Weekly cost 1st year £8.37 £10.58
Weekly cost over 3 years £4.78 £6.22
Home Water System
Professional Installation
30-day Guarantee
The first Filter
The first UV Lamp
Replacement filter (every 6 months) £49.99
Replacement UV lamp (every 12 months) £50.00
Extended Warranty £69.99
Reinstall at new property £60
Premium Drinks Bottle £19.99
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