What uses the most electricity in a house? | Virgin Pure

By Bob Fear

What uses the most electricity in a house? | Virgin Pure

If you’re trying to save electricity and reduce your energy bills, it’s handy to know how much electricity all the appliances in your home are using. So what uses the most electricity in a house? We’ve done the research and found out the answers for you. Read on to find out how much energy you might be using in your home…

Many of us are looking to save energy in our homes. Not only is it good for the planet, as using less energy can help to reduce our carbon footprint, but it’s also good for our purses too. If we can figure out which household items use the most electricity, we can alter our usage, switch them to energy saving mode, switch them off at the mains when we’re not using them or upgrade to more energy efficient models.

How energy efficient is my appliance?

Many appliances come with an energy efficiency rating. This is the best way of understanding how much electricity it might be using. New appliances are given an energy rating of between A and G, where A is the most efficient. This grading replaces the old rating system of A+++ to D, where A+++ was the most efficient. It’s important to remember that the larger the appliance, the more electricity it will use. So a super large A-rated fridge freezer may use more energy than a smaller A-rated one. Always compare energy efficiency ratings between appliances of the same size.

The Home Water System II is more energy efficient than a kettle, using just 0.46 kWh of electricity over 24 hours. This is based on the system being set to energy-saving mode and dispensing ten mugs of boiling water and ten glasses of cold water during one day. The average UK family of four boils their kettle five times or more a day. Based on the assumption they boil half a kettle at a time, this uses 0.56 kWh of electricity a day.

Find out more about how much electricity your kettle uses

You also get a lot more out of your Home Water System than a kettle offers. Not only does it get rid of all that nasty scale that clogs up your kettle, our triple-filtration process means that it’s like having bottled mineral water on tap, at the touch of a button, either chilled or heated to the temperature of your choice. This means you could also save bucket loads of money if you’re in the habit of buying lots of bottled water to drink.

So if you drink a lot of water, hot or cold, and want to improve the energy efficiency of your kitchen, the Home Water System II would be a good shout.   

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