The Home Water System

Unlimited purified water, chilled and boiling from a single device.

Own the Home Water System
Monthly(12 months 0% APR)£33.33 £24.99 / month
One off£399.99 £299.99

Includes professional Installation by a Virgin Pure Engineer
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* Plus accompanying £12.95 /monthly WaterCare+ service plan
(Min 12 month plan, first payment 2 weeks after installation)

Watercare+ includes:

  • Replacement Filters and UV Lamps
  • 7 year warranty
  • Free re-installs
  • Reusable drinks bottle

Find out more about WaterCare+

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Debra Gilbert

It’s everything the modern kitchen needs. It provides hot and cold filtered water at a temperature to suit

Harry Arteza

It’s amazing. Saves tons of plastic waste if you want to avoid tap water. Tastes amazing. Never let us down. On par with our robot hoover ☺.

Virgin Pure is committed to helping you enjoy drinking more, great tasting water.

Here’s why our customers prefer Virgin Pure for their homes water:

No single use plastic bottles
Eliminates the need for bottled water in the home

No refilling or rebuying
Unlimited pure water and so you wont run out when you need it most

One smart device
Filtered hot and cold from one device. No need for separate taps, kettles, jugs and bottles

No Bacteria
Unique UV system prevents bacteria, which can form when chlorine is removed and water sits idle

No Microplastics
Removed from water by our advanced triple filtration system

No Scale
Prevents scale, those white flakes in your tea, even in hard water areas

On average our customers use their Home Water System for over 5 years. That works out to less than 70p per day or less than a single bottle of water.
With interest free monthly payment options, get started from just £33.33 today

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The Virgin Pure Home Water System

Product Specifications

Home Water System

  • Width
  • Height
  • Depth
Temperature range
  • Hot
    92 – 97°C
  • Cold
    5 – 20°C
  • Ambient
    10 – 50°C
Triple filtration system:
A mesh water filter at the inlet pipe traps big bits of dirt. Smaller impurities like rust and sand are removed by a sediment filter. An activated carbon water filter adsorbs organic matter and contaminants
UV Purification
UV light kills bacteria that can breed
in cold or room temperature water
Polypropylene, prevents scale build up
What’s removed from water
Rust, dirt, sediment, Chlorine, Bacteria.
Organic matter and contaminants.
Herbicides/pesticides from agricultural run off.
VOC volatile organic matter and compounds.
Micro plastics under over 2 microns in size.
Plus prevents scale build.
What’s kept in the water
Waters essential healthy minerals
calcium, magnesium and potassium
Average Lifespan
7 years
Energy Saving
Set your system to wake-up when you need
it and power down when you don’t
Use Autofill to set pour levels to fill
your favourite glass, cup or bottle
Hot Child lock function
Let the kids drink the cold water without the risk of dispensing hot
Filter and UV change
After extensive testing we determined that for best performance the filter should be replaced every 6 months and UV every 12. Its an easy job, simply click them in and out in a couple of minutes.
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What is WaterCare+

WaterCare+ is our service package, created in response to clear feedback that customers want to enjoy pure water, without the hassle.
For a monthly £12.95 paid via Direct Debit it includes everything you need automatically delivered to you.
It’ll also save you £65, each year vs buying the equivalent parts, individually.

All Replacement Parts

Replacement filters delivered to you every 6 months and UV lamps every 12. To change they simply click in and out in a couple of minutes.

7 year warranty

As long as you are part of WaterCare+ you’ll get a full replace or repair 7 year warranty

FREE re-installs

FREE re-installations at your new property, when you move home

Reusable Bottle

When you order WaterCare+ we’ll give you an environmentally friendly re-usable drinks bottle to carry pure water, wherever you are

When ordering your Water System, you will set up WaterCare+ for 12 months – the first payment is 2 weeks after installation. At the end of 12 months you can choose to continue this service.


Your new Water Dispenser sits on your kitchen countertop and will be connected – by our engineer – to your mains water supply, so that you can enjoy pure water, instantly.
Once your order is placed, our team will call you to arrange a convenient installation date. Our engineer will arrive at your property within a pre-arranged 2 hour time slot.

Step 1
Your engineer will consult with you on the perfect location for your dispenser, before connecting it to the mains water.

Step 2
Your dispenser must be located within 12m of a water mains (usually found behind your dishwasher or sink) and within 1.5m of a plug socket.

Step 3
Connection is made using an in-line isolation valve which allows a continuous supply of water without the need for additional plumbing.

Step 4
In most cases, a small 6mm hole is made through the counter to run the small Flexi piping required (this can be done through granite or quartz).

Step 5
The engineer will set-up to your preferences and you’re ready to go. Most installations take no more than 45 minutes.

Want to talk? Our team are here to help

   0207 022 6471

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the Virgin Pure System treat hard water and limescale?

    Limescale is just a crystallisation of the natural and healthy minerals calcium and magnesium. It’s good for you but a bit unpalatable in your perfect cup of tea. Our system doesn’t filter out limescale (the good minerals), but they do stop them forming the unsightly white flakes in your water. So, unlike your kettle, Virgin Pure gives you all the goodness without any of the grit.

  • What is removed by the Virgin Pure system?

    Most forms of filtered water remove some of these substances but our system remove all the bad stuff, here’s how:

    1. A mesh water filter at the inlet pipe traps big bits of dirt
    2. Smaller impurities like rust and sand are removed by a sediment filter
    3. An activated carbon water filter adsorbs organic matter and contaminants
    4. The chilled filtered water is zapped by a UV purifier keeping it free from bacteria
    5. Whilst the boiling water is treated to prevent scale (those yucky white flakes).
  • What good stuff is retained by the Virgin Pure System?

    Our systems purification process doesn’t produce any dangerous by-products or cause any chemical changes. As a result, minerals like magnesium, calcium, and potassium found naturally in water and beneficial to our health are maintained.

  • How much power does my Virgin Pure system use?

    Everyone uses their dispenser differently, so we can’t give you a definitive, one-size-fits-all figure, but we carried out our own independent tests with the Water Regulation Advisory Service to compare the power usage of our dispenser to an ordinary domestic kettle.
    In the test, we did the following:

    • Filled 4 mugs per day with boiling water
    • Allowed 8 hours per day for the Virgin Pure dispenser to be in energy saving mode (typically when you are sleeping)
    • Included all power used by the Virgin Pure dispenser whilst on standby

    The Virgin Pure dispenser returned an average energy usage of 0.025kWh per use or 128.448kWh per year. In comparison boiling a kettle returned energy usage of 0.11kMh per usage or 169.433 kWh per year. So the kettle used 32% more energy in a year than the Virgin Pure dispenser. It’s also important to consider that, according to the Energy Savings Trust, 75% of people admit to using too much water every time they boil a kettle and 40% of households in the UK actually boil the kettle more than 5 times per day.*
    In comparison, your Virgin Pure dispenser provides just the right amount of piping hot water needed, at the push of a button, so you can enjoy great hot drinks and help save the planet at the same time.
    *Source: At home with water report, published by the Energy Savings Trust in July 2013.

  • What is the average life of a Virgin Pure Dispenser?

    On average 7 years.

  • Can my children dispense hot water?

    To ensure complete peace of mind for parents, an optional hot water child protection lock can be fitted to keep your little ones (or anyone else) safe.

  • Can you install if I have a granite worktop?

    Absolutely! Granite is no problem for our team of skilled technicians. They’ve had all sorts of specialist training and they’re impressively equipped. Granite, marble and Corian worktops – they’re all a breeze for our experts.

  • What's the difference between a Water System and a water filter jug?

    Like a Virgin Pure System, most filter jugs use a filter to remove substances like chlorine from tap water. Chlorine is added to water to prevent Bacteria breeding in water. However once the chlorine has been removed, water can become a breeding ground for bacteria.
    That’s why our Systems have a UV lamp, to inactivate these microorganisms and prevent them from multiplying once the Chlorine has been removed from water. In fact our Systems kill 99.99999% of health- concern waterborne bacteria in water* Not to mention our Water System removes the need for re-filling jugs, taking up fridge space and needing a separate kettle.