Discover The Virgin Pure Home Water System

Easy-to-use, simple to maintain, and convenient – our system will help you to stay hydrated and healthy

Key features of the Home Water System

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Triple filtration, UV purification
and scale prevention

Removes rust, dirt, chlorine, bacteria, organic matter, herbicides, pesticides, volatile organic matter, microplastics, and also prevents scale.

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Unlimited Pure water
whenever you want it

Connected to the mains water supply when installed by one of our specially trained engineers. Means unlimited pure water whenever you want it.

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Designed for convenience
and ease of use

Easy to use – a single button push dispenses instant pure water. Plus the system is packed full of other smart and sustainable features.

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Hot and cold water to
your exact preference

One device that you can dispense water from at the temperature you prefer; Hot between 92 – 97°C, Cold between 5 – 20°C, and Ambient between 10 – 50°C.

Choose a colour to suit your kitchen

Choose from red, black, silver or cream

Loved by real families,
just like yours

Watch the Virgin Pure Water System in action


How we install your Home Water System

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Fast and Free delivery

Within 2 working days of placing your order you’ll get delivery of your new Virgin Pure Water System.

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We aim to install within 5-7 days

Once your Water System arrives, we will call you to book in a convenient installation date.

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Installed in just
40 minutes

Your engineer will call the day before to confirm a 2-hour time slot and will be done in 40 about minutes.

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Connected to the water supply

We will connect the Water System to your water mains, with no impact on plumbing or other appliances.

Set up to your preferences

Your engineer is also on hand to help you set up your system to your preferred settings, ready for you to use.

How to maintain your Water System

Simply replace the filter every 6 months and the UV lamp every 12 months. They easily pop in and out with the push of a button. No special knowledge or tools required.

You can subscribe to one of our service packages to get replacement parts sent out to you automatically when required. Alternatively, you can order them online whenever you need them.

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Every 6 months

Simply change the filter

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Every 12 months

Change the filter and the UV lamp

Product Specifications

Everything you need to know about the Home Water System in one handy guide
  • Environmental features

    Never use energy you don’t need to.
    Energy saving mode allows you to set your system to wake-up when you need it and power down when you don’t.

    Uses less energy than a kettle
    In testing, Virgin Pure Home Water Systems used 32% less energy than a kettle for 4 cups of tea in a day.

    No need for single-use plastics
    Eliminates the need for single-use plastic bottles by making use of the existing water supply to your home.

    Long lasting filters mean less waste
    Only changing the filter twice per year–not monthly—means less materials used.

  • Safety features

    Secure child lock function
    Children can dispense cold water but never hot. Your engineer will setup this feature.

    To dispense hot water with the child lock turned on you need to hit both hot and cold simultaneously and hold steadily for 2 seconds.

  • Convenience features

    Hands-free filling
    Use the autofill function to set pour levels to automatically fill a glass or cup. Your engineer will help to set this up for you during installation.

    Wake-up mode
    Make sure you are not left waiting for your morning brew by setting times for your System to wake up when you need it most.

  • Temperature range

    The Water System has over 50 temperature settings which can easily be adjusted using the System’s control panel. Hot, cold and ambient are all dispensed from one of the easy-to-use front-facing buttons.

  • Flow speed

    Home Water System

    2 litres per minute – that’s more than a big bottle of water from the supermarket!

    1.3 litres per minute — the same as an average domestic kettle, fully filled, with no time wasted waiting for it to boil.

    Work Water System

    1.3 litres per minute.

    1.3 litres per minute.

  • Energy usage

    In testing, a Home Water System uses 128 kWh per year, which is just £20 per year. Compare that to 167 kWh for a kettle that only provides unfiltered boiling water.

    Read more about it here

  • Size

    The Home Water system measures 31 cm in width and 37 cm in height. It has a depth of 37 cm.

  • Filtration technology
    Stage 1 Stage 2
    Two micro sediment filters remove particles An activated carbon filter adsorbs chemicals
    virgin pure sediment filter virgin pure main filter
    Tap water passes through a network of pipes; picking up rust, dirt, & grit. A mesh filter at the inlet traps dirt and a sediment filter gets rid of smaller particles. Our activated carbon filter uses charcoal ‘adsorption’, trapping and removing molecules (such as chlorine) from the water you drink.
    Stage 3 Stage 4
    A pre-filter prevents scale from forming A UV lamp kills the bacteria
    virgin pure polyphosphate pre-filter virgin pure uv filter
    Scale (the crystallisation of calcium & magnesium) isn’t bad, but it’s not nice. We use a food-grade polyphosphate pre-filter to stop these minerals from forming white flakes. A special UV lamp, set to a bacteria-killing wavelength, adds nothing, produces no tastes or odours, and requires only a few seconds to be effective.
  • Removed from the water

    – Rust, Dirt, Sediment, Chlorine, Bacteria.
    – Organic matter and contaminants.
    – Herbicides & pesticides from agricultural runoff.
    – VOC (Volatile Organic Matter) and other compounds.
    – Microplastics under over 2 microns in size.
    – Plus prevents scale build.

  • Health benefits

    Our unique system retains essential healthy minerals in water including:

    • Calcium

    • Potassium

    • Magnesium

    Plus, 85% of all Virgin Pure customers now drink more water and fewer soft drinks since having their system installed. It’s all down to the crisp taste of pure water.

  • Controls

    The easy-to-use, front-facing controls require just a simple tap to dispense water.

    The main control panel is hidden from view under the easy-to-remove top cover. Using the main control panel allows you to setup all your Water System’s smart features.

  • Awards and certification
    • National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) Mark
      We are proud to possess the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) mark.

      Manufacturers, regulators and consumers look to NSF International for the development of public health standards and certification programs that help protect the world’s food, water, consumer products and environment.

      The NSF mark is your assurance that the product has been tested by one of the most respected independent certification organisations in existence today. It is valued by consumers, manufacturers, retailers and regulatory agencies worldwide.

    • Members of the Water Dispenser & Hydration Association
      We are proud of our service and proud to be audited and approved by the European Drinking Water Cooler Association—one of the UK’s largest trade associations.

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