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Easy-to-use, simple to maintain, and convenient – our system home water dispensers will help you filter water to stay hydrated and healthy

Key features of the
Home Water Dispenser Systems

Triple filtration, UV purification
and scale prevention

Our home water filter removes rust, dirt, chlorine, bacteria, organic matter, herbicides, pesticides, volatile organic matter, microplastics, and also prevents scale.

Uses 32% less energy than a kettle

Independent testing found that the Water System needed ~0.025kWh per use while kettle required ~0.11kWh to heat the water.

Designed for convenience
and ease of use

So easy to use – a single button push dispenses instant pure water. Plus, the home water system is packed full of other smart and sustainable features.

Hot and cold water to
your exact preference

One home water filter device that you can dispense water from at the  temperature you prefer; Hot between 92 – 97°C, Cold between 5 – 20°C, and Ambient between 10 – 50°C.

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How we install your Home Water System

Fast and Free delivery

Once ordered, you will quickly receive delivery of your brand new Virgin Pure Water system.

Convenient installation

Once your Water System arrives, we will call you to book in a convenient installation date.

Installed in just 
40 minutes

Your engineer will call the day before to confirm a 2-hour time slot and will be done in about 40 minutes.

Connected to the water supply

We will connect the Home Water System to your water mains, with no impact on plumbing or other appliances.

Set up to your preferences

Your engineer is also on hand to help you set up your system to your preferred settings, ready for you to use.

How to maintain your
Home Water Dispenser System

Simply replace the filter every 6 months and the UV lamp every 12 months. They easily pop in and out with the push of a button. No special knowledge or tools required.

You can subscribe to one of our service packages to get replacement parts sent out to you automatically when required. Alternatively, you can order them online whenever you need them.

 Every 6 months

Simply change the filter

Every 12 months

Change the filter and the UV lamp

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