The smart and healthy way to enjoy pure water

Triple filtration, UV purification and scale prevention

Relax, our system removes Rust, Dirt, Chlorine, Bacteria, Organic matter, Herbicides, Pesticides, Volatile Organic Matter, Micro Plastics & Prevents Scale.

Unlimited Pure Water whenever you want it

Connected to the mains water supply when installed by one of our specially trained engineers. Means unlimited pure water whenever you want it.

Hot and cold water to your exact preference

Set the Hot temperature to 92 – 97°C, cold between 5 – 20°C and ambient 10 – 50°C all from one device instantly

Enjoy drinking great tasting & healthy water

No toxins + perfect temperature means crisp taste plus our technology retains healthy minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium.

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Helping you to live healthier, conveniently and smart

No single use plastics
Eliminates the need for bottled water at home

Saves you refilling or rebuying
Connected to the mains. Pure water instantly whenever you want

A single device in your kitchen
No need for separate filter jugs and bottles and uses less energy than a kettle

Smart features saves you time
Autofill drinks, wakes up when you do, energy saving sleep mode, child lock

See the Water System in action

Helps you to drink more water

Drinking enough water is vitally important for a healthy lifestyle. We are proud that when we asked our customers 85% said they drink more water since having Virgin Pure installed.
(*survey 850 customers 2018)

Quick and easy installation by one of our highly skilled engineers in 45 minutes

Step 1
Your engineer will arrive at a pre-arranged time slot

Step 2
Pick the perfect place (*within 12m of the water mains and 1.5m of power)

Step 3
Connected to your water mains using an isolation valve and flexi tube, no extra plumbing required

Step 4
Your engineer will setup the system to your exact preferences

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the water system need any maintenance?

    The Water System needs a filter change every 6 months and the UV lamp every 12.

  • How do I change the filter and UV lamp?

    It only takes a couple of minutes and they simply click in and out. We’ll provide instructions when your new system is installed.

  • How do I get replacement parts?

    Either through one of our on-running service packages or purchased directly from the shop section of our website.

  • Can I install myself?

    Sorry, but to guarantee pure, triple filtered perfection every serve, our systems can only be installed by one of our Virgin Pure engineers. Your system must be installed properly to ensure your warranty is validated.

  • Can my children dispense hot water?

    To ensure complete peace of mind for parents, an optional hot water child protection lock can be fitted to keep your little ones safe.

  • Does the Virgin Pure System treat hard water and limescale?

    Limescale is just a crystallisation of the natural and healthy minerals calcium and magnesium. It’s good for you but a bit unpalatable in your perfect cup of tea. Our system doesn’t filter out limescale (the good minerals), but they do stop them forming the unsightly white flakes in your water. So, unlike your kettle, Virgin Pure gives you all the goodness without any of the grit.

  • What’s the difference between a Water System and a water filter jug?

    Like a Virgin Pure System, most filter jugs use a filter to remove substances like chlorine from tap water. Chlorine is added to water to prevent Bacteria breeding in water. However once the chlorine has been removed, water can become a breeding ground for bacteria.

    That’s why our Systems have a UV lamp, to inactivate these microorganisms and prevent them from multiplying once the Chlorine has been removed from water. In fact our Systems kill 99.99999% of health- concern waterborne bacteria in water* Not to mention our Water System removes the need for re-filling jugs, taking up fridge space and needing a separate kettle.

Choose a colour to suit your kitchen

Select from 4 colours Red, Black, Silver or Cream