Enjoy the benefits of Virgin Pure

Triple filter system and UV purifier removes bad stuff like Chlorine and bacteria.

One smart mains connected machine conveniently provides instant and unlimited boiling and chilled water.

Great tasting, 85% of customers families drink more Water and less sugary drinks since joining Virgin Pure.

Great value and good for the environment, uses 32% less energy than a kettle and 175% cheaper than bottled water


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How Virgin Pure helps people to drink more water and lead healthier lives


Triple filtered and UV purified to remove chemicals like chlorine but retain all waters essential natural minerals like like calcium, magnesium and fluoride.


Free of impurities which cause odour, bitterness and unpleasant aftertastes. It’s water you’ll want to drink more of.


Mains connected means instant. Both boiling and chilled at the touch of a button whenever you want it.


Wakes up when you do. Automatically fills your favourite glass or mug. At a temperature you set.

Water the way you want it

How Virgin Pure works:
  • Choose your WaterBar

    Pick which waterbar is right for you and join one of our smart monthly plans.
    We’ll install your WaterBar directly to your homes water supply meaning chilled and boiling water instantly and unlimited.

  • Personalise to your exact preferences

    Programme hot and cold water temperatures, set auto cup and glass fill sizes, wake-up times and child locks.

  • Enjoy drinking more water

    Say hello to instant purified chilled and boiling water and goodbye to buying bottles, filling filter jugs and boiling the kettle.

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