Introducing Virgin Pure Smart Water Dispensers

Enjoy filtered, instant boiling and chilled water, all at the touch of a button from one smart system for less per day than a can of fizzy drink or single bottle of water

A water dispenser designed to help you live a healthy, convenient and sustainable life

Pure drinking pleasure

Triple-filtered, UV-purified, and with no limescale. Get a crisp, clean taste every time.

Hassle-free hydration

Never runs out or requires re-filling. Maintenance is simple and required just twice per year.

One easy system

Unlimited chilled or piping hot water at the touch of a button, all from one smart water dispenser.

Great Value

Costs less per day than one can of fizzy drink, carton of juice or single bottle of water

Virgin Pure water dispensers are designed to fit your kitchen

How our innovative water dispensers work

Why thousands of homes are
choosing Virgin Pure

State-of-the-art filtration means great taste guaranteed

Our unique four-stage filtration and purification process involves two separate water filters and UV treatment. A water dispenser that removes all the nasty bits you can find in tap water as well as helping to prevent any horrible limescale build-up!

The result? Delicious, pure water for you and your family to enjoy.

Smart water dispenser that works for both your home and your business

Whether you want to keep your family on top of their hydration goals with our clever technology, or you want to make sure your business has plenty of great-tasting water for employees to enjoy at any time, we’ve got you covered.

Check out our home water dispensers and office water dispensers and choose the package that suits your hydration needs best.

Hydration without the hassle

Hooked up to your water mains by one of our skilled engineers, you’ll never need to refill or replenish before a pour. There’s also no need to buy plastic bottles of water during your weekly shop, freeing up valuable space in your fridge.

It’s just one tap of a button for instant hot or chilled water, whenever you want at whatever temperature you like it, so you can enjoy the benefits of hydration without the hassle.

The Virgin Pure Water System is perfect for healthy households

Our Water System is designed to help the whole family stay healthier by encouraging them to drink more water. We are proud that, when we asked our customers, 85% said they were regularly drinking more water since having Virgin Pure installed. Don’t forget to check out our top tips for drinking more water.

Plus, to keep your kids safe, we’ve also added a clever child lock to the hot button.

Less power, less plastic

A clever built-in sleep mode powers down your Virgin Pure Water System when you’re not using it-automatically saving energy. In fact, independent testing showed our water dispensers are 32% more energy efficient than a domestic kettle

On top of that, our system helps prevent the need for millions of single-use plastic water bottles!

Discover these surprising plastic pollution facts that explain why this is so important. 

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