Introducing Virgin Pure Smart Water Dispensers

Enjoy filtered, instant boiling and chilled water, all at the touch of a button from one smart system for less per day than a can of fizzy drink or single bottle of water

All this from one smart system

World leading filtration, bacteria killing UV treatment, removes 99% of microplastics, no limescale

Mains connected means unlimited pure water, never runs out or requires refilling

Instant hot or chilled water all at the touch of a single button from one device

Works for hot and cold drinks, bottles, jugs, pots, and pans

It will become the most used appliance in your kitchen

Why owning one of our Water Systems is so easy

Why thousands of homes are
choosing Virgin Pure

water system water bottle filter jug
Virgin Pure Bottled Water Filter Jug
Unlimited supply, never runs out
Dispenses instant chilled water
Dispenses instant boiling water
UV prevents bacteria developing
Removes microplastics
Easy for kids to use (w/ child lock)
Change Filter / Buy more 6 Months Weekly Monthly

Save over £2000 in 3 years compared to bottled water

On average, a family of 4 that drinks the recommended daily two litres of water from bottled water could switch to Virgin Pure and save £2,000 in the first three years.

85% of Virgin Pure families drink more healthy water and fewer sugary drinks

And staying hydrated makes a big difference to your physical and mental wellbeing, helping concertation, mood, digestion, and preventing illness.

The worlds most powerful

countertop filtration system

Virgin Pure Home Water System II
vs. the best selling filter jug, what’s removed?

Virgin Pure Home Water System II Leading Filter Jug
Bacteria and parasites
Herbicides and Pesticides
Manufacturing waste
Medical Waste
*Comparison vs. Brita Maxtra 2 filter source

Unlimited, instant Pure Water means you’ll never run out or have to refill

Our engineer will connect your new water system to your mains water supply with a clever 2 way valve which doesn’t interfere with other plumbing.

Better for the environment

A family of four switching to Virgin Pure from bottled water reduces their carbon footprint by 70% and saves about 2500 plastic bottles per year.

More energy efficient than a kettle using
just 0.67 KWh per day, that’s about 4p

How energy usage compares for
a single cup of hot water vs. a coffee maker and kettle

Single serve coffee maker*

0.26 KWh per cup

Electric Kettle**

0.11 KWh per cup

Home Water System II

0.07 KWh per cup 

* Source:
** Source:

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