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Meet The Virgin Pure Home Water System –

a countertop water filter and dispenser like no other

The purest water at home

Triple filtration removes particles, chemicals, micro plastics, chlorine & more. UV purification kills bacteria which can develop in water. System prevents scale build up and white flakes.

Connected to the water mains

One of our specially trained engineers installs to your water mains. Meaning unlimited and instant pure water whenever you want it. Hot and cold water all at the touch of a button.

A healthier lifestyle for years to come

Our Water Systems are built to last for years.
Which is why after many years our customers live healthier lives. 85% of customers agree they now drink more water and less sugary drinks (Survey of 850 customers 2018)

Works for all your drinks

Boiling, chilled and room temperature water from one system. Platform down to fill cups and glasses. Flip the platform up for bottles, pans and jugs.

What our customers are saying

Harry Arteza

It’s amazing. Saves tons of plastic waste if you want to avoid tap water. Tastes amazing. Never let us down. On par with our robot hoover ☺.

Debra Gilbert

It’s everything the modern kitchen needs. It provides hot and cold filtered water at a temperature to suit

Paul Hopson

Best thing I’ve ever purchased for the house, I now drink water like a fish

Sandra Owen-Halley

Love the convenience of having filtered hot and cold water on tap

Anthony Fisher

Excellent product and fantastic customer support

Val Bell

We have had our T6 for many years now and I couldn’t imagine not having one now. Can highly recommend it.

Robert Gibbs

We have had a T7 WaterBar for over 3 years and we love it – so many benefits and we actually save money on not buying bottle water!

The Virgin Pure Home Water System


For Virgin Pure customers the system is an integral part of their daily routine and a fixture in the kitchen for many years.
Helping people live healthier more conveniently.

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How our unique purification technology works

When water reaches your home it’s been disinfected with Chlorine, passed through old metal pipes collecting rust and dirt and been exposed to bacteria.
Most water filters remove some of these substances but our Water System removes all the bad stuff, here’s how:

Mesh water filter

A mesh water filter at the inlet pipe traps big bits of dirt

Sediment filter

Smaller impurities like rust and sand are removed by a sediment filter

Carbon water filter

An activated carbon water filter absorbs organic matter, contaminants and chlorine

UV purifier

The chilled filtered water is zapped by a UV purifier keeping it free from bacteria

Prevent scale

Whilst the boiling water is treated to prevent scale (those yucky white flakes)

The Virgin Pure Home Water System

Watch the video to find out more

Our Water Systems are mains connected and designed to last. Which is why for homes all around the UK after many years they are an indispensable part of the kitchen.
Helping thousands of people live healthier lives more conveniently.

Our Guarantees

The best taste deserves the best service

30 day satisfaction guarantee

If you do change your mind after installation just let us know within 30 days for a full refund – no questions asked.

Free Collection

You can return your dispenser, within 30 days, without leaving the sofa -because we’ll even come and collect it.

Average 90 second answer time

We’ll never leave you hanging, customer service team answering calls within 90 seconds, on average

EDWCA Approved

We are proud to be audited and approved by the European Drinking Water Cooler Association

Installation Included

One of our highly skilled engineers will install and set up all of the water systems smart features to your preferences.

How to get a Virgin Pure Water System

Order your system

Choose from 5 colours and a range of payment options; any major credit or debit card or spread your payments across 12 months – interest free.

Schedule Installation

Once your order is placed, our team will give you a call to schedule a date for installation. We aim to install within three working days.

Professional Installation

Our engineer will install and set up your system, which takes around 45 minutes. You can choose the best place for it to sit on your countertop.

Easy after-care

Our WaterCare+ service gives you everything for the years to come. Including a 7 year warranty and all the replacement filters and UV lamps sent to you.