How our unique purification system works

Removes all the nasty stuff while keeping in all the healthy minerals that you need

The world's most advanced countertop water filtration. Here's how:

Step 1

2 inlet filters remove particles such as rust and dirt

Step 2

Water reaches the unique new filtration system, where multiple layers of patented materials with a pleated external layer maximize contact with the water to increase impurity removal and the speed of filtration providing more pure water faster.

Step 3

Water is forced via a unique hydraulic system through a patented combination of nano fibres, super pro-active carbon and active purification compounds to deliver world leading impurity removal

Step 4

A newly developed Polyphosphate layer embedded into the water filter prevents scale forming. This means every time the filter is changed scale prevention is kept 100% effective through systems life

Step 5

A smart chip located deep within the filter records usage and alerts when the filter needs changing

Step 6

Water is then exposed to light from a special UV lamp. This means bacteria, parasites and waterborne cysts cannot develop while it sits in the water tank.

Removes impurities other filters cannot

Discover what our patented water purification system removes


Bacteria, parasites and waterborne cysts


Herbicides and Pesticides

Atrazine, Linuron

Industrial Waste

Lead, Mercury, TCPP, TCEP, Nonylphenol, Asbestos, Bisphenol A

Medical and Biological Waste

Ibuprofen, Hormones, Deet & many others

Microplastics and Particles

Removes 99% of microplastic particles as well as other debris such as rust

Virgin Pure Home Water System II
vs. the best selling filter jug

What's filtered out of the water?

Virgin Pure Home Water System II Leading Filter Jug
Bacteria and parasites
Herbicides and Pesticides
Manufacturing waste
Medical Waste
*Comparison vs. Brita Maxtra 2 filter source