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​The ultimate healthy hydration hack

A new easy, innovative way of finding out if you’re dehydrated and need to drink more water - paint your bathroom walls! To help raise awareness of healthy hydration, we’ve teamed up with...

By Bob Fear

​Is water good for your skin?

Will drinking more water improve your skin? While it’s important to stay hydrated in order to maintain overall good health, we look for evidence to suggest that drinking more water is especially go...

By Bob Fear

Can you drink too much water?

The human body is very cleverly designed to keep a good natural balance of fluid. We need to stay healthily hydrated for that system to work properly. If you’re sufficiently hydrated and still taki...

By Bob Fear

Does drinking water help kids concentrate?

Drinking enough water could improve your kids’ mental performance. So how much water should children drink a day? It’s been suggested that children who are mildly dehydrated at school have a lo...

By Bob Fear

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