Do countertop purifiers help kids drink more water?

By Bob Fear

Do countertop purifiers help kids drink more water?

Kids are consuming too much sugar - it's official. Following a report from the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition, both Public Health England and the World Health Organisation are warning parents about the dangers of tooth decay and obesity that children having too much added sugar in their everyday diet faced. 

Sugar continues to permeate children's diets

Action On Sugar have highlighted exactly how much sugar is contained in the popular soft drinks, fruit and juices and smoothies that marketed to kids and families.

The latest advice is that children should have no more than the equivalent five teaspoons of added sugar in their food and drink a day. 

Many soft drinks, juices and smoothies have much more than this in one individual can or carton - some over twice as much.

While the sugar tax that was may as successful as was hoped - and may have actually increased sales of sugary drinks.

How can we dissuade our children from craving sweet drinks?

We all know that drinking great quality water is essential for better health. 

But how do we make it cooler for the kids to drink water, go sugar free and lure them away from the ever-tempting, bright and colourful sugar-filled bottles, cans and cartons of the sweet stuff marketed in their specific direction?

The answer? Make great filtered and purified water equally, if not more so, tempting and tasty. 

That's the Virgin Pure mission in a nutshell. And to discover if we were succeeding in this goal, we wanted to know how our customers were faring out in the field. 

The response

So we reached out to thousands of our customers to discover if their families were drinking more water and less sugary drinks since they had had a Virgin Pure System installed.

The response we got was even surprising to us! We were bowled over to see that 90% of customers said that they were drinking more water and 85% said that they'd cut out sugary drinks. 

Virgin Pure customer survey results

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