What Is a Water Purifier & What Does It Do? - Virgin Pure

By Bob Fear

What Is a Water Purifier & What Does It Do? - Virgin Pure

What is a water purifier?

A water purifier gets rid of anything in your tap water that shouldn’t be there, leaving it perfectly healthy and tasty for you to drink. Having purified water at home is just like having mineral water on tap.

In this article we aim to answer the question: ‘how does a water purifier work?’, as well as advising on what is the best water filter for your home.

What is a water purifier?

Water purifiers serve a similar function as water filters, as they both remove impurities. However, water purifiers go one step further by killing biological contaminants and removing minerals from the water.

How does the water purifier machine work?

The Virgin Pure boffins have built a five-stage purification process that means our water purifier machine dispenses hot and cold water in an instant without any contaminants that can be found in tap water.

1. The mesh filter traps big particles of dirt

2. The sediment filter gets rid of smaller particles

3. The activated carbon filter absorbs chemicals

This uses charcoal treated with oxygen to open up million tiny pores between the carbon atoms. This allows adsorption and the removal of unwanted molecules in the water, such as chlorine.

4. The pre-filter prevents scaly white flakes

It contains food-grade polyphosphate crystals which separate calcium and magnesium. Therefore, they can’t bond and form white flakes. Even though the flakes are simply a crystallisation of healthy minerals, it doesn’t taste nice to drink.

5. The ultra violet (UV) lamp kills bacteria

The water is exposed to the UV light which is set to a bacteria-killing wavelength. UV adds nothing to the water, produces no tastes or odours, and takes mere seconds to be effective.

What is the difference between a water purifier and a water softener?

Best of all, unlike a water softener, our purification process leaves in all the naturally occurring essential minerals that your body needs. The alternative ‘reverse osmosis’ process removes these healthy minerals. Water purified the Virgin Pure way doesn’t cause any chemical reactions or PH changes.

What does the water purifier machine remove?

1. Chlorine that gets added at the water treatment plants

2. Bacteria that might grow once the chlorine is removed

3. Scale that might form, particularly in hard water areas

4. Rust, dirt, silt and sediment that could be in the water pipes

5. Microplastics over 0.6 microns in size that can get into your water supply

6. Natural organic matter from the remains of plants and animals and their waste

7. Herbicides and pesticides from agricultural runoff

8. Volatile organic compounds that can cause nasty smells

What are the healthy minerals that remain in purified water?

1. Calcium: forms healthy bones and teeth, regulates muscular contractions and helps blood clot.

2. Magnesium: important for about 300 metabolic processes in our body, including heart and cardiovascular health, muscular function and sugar balance.

3. Potassium: helps blood pressure, mineral balance, muscles, and nerve system function.

Find out more about the benefits of filtering water with our in-depth article and learn about the benefits of different types of water.

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