How do I get a Virgin Pure Water System installed?

Interested in a Water System? Already made your purchase and want to check what happens next? Here’s everything you need to know about how our Water System is installed.

How you get unlimited pure water

Order Placed

We’ll call you to arrange a convenient installation date for an engineer to attend your property. We aim to install within 10 working days of order

Engineer confirms arrival time the day before installation. The engineer will also bring your new Water System with them and so you do not need to wait around for deliveries beforehand

Installation and setup takes about 40 mins and you don't need to lift a finger

Change your mind, within 30 days of install and we’ll collect your system for free and issue you a full refund

Enjoy instant unlimited pure water

How installation works

How we connect to the water supply without interfering with other plumbing

Virgin Pure Installation -
Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I install the Water System myself?

    Installing our Water Systems takes specialist knowledge. That’s why our own trained engineers carry out all installations. It also guarantees we can validate your warranty. There are no sneaky hidden costs either – our professional Virgin Pure water installation is always included in our prices.

  • I don’t own my home. Can I still have a Virgin Pure System installed?

    We are happy to install a Virgin Pure Water System in any property. However, if you live in a rental property we advise you to get permission from the owner before we install. Sometimes we will have to drill a small hole (only about 6mm) through your countertop to reach the water supply.

  • Can I order now and delay installation until I move house or complete renovations?

    Yes. Once you’ve ordered, your new Water System will be delivered free of charge within two working days. As soon as it is delivered, one of our team will be in touch to arrange installation. Explain to them when and where you want the installation. Whether that’s an installation in your current address in a month after kitchen renovations or two weeks once you have moved house we are happy to help.

  • Where can the Water System be located?

    The only requirement is that the system is within 12 metres or 40 feet from a water mains usually where a sink or dishwasher are located and within 1.5 metres or 5 feet of a power socket.

  • Can you install through granite or quartz countertops?

    100% yes. Our skilled technicians have had enough training to install our machines through granite, marble, corian and even vibranium.

  • Can you install a Virgin Pure Water System if I have a water softener?

    Yep, we can do that. Your Water System just needs to be attached to the mains water supply at a point before the water softener is attached.

  • When can you install?

    We install Monday-Friday, 8am to 5pm.

  • What if I move house?

    Simply contact us and tell us where you are moving and we will arrange for one of our engineers to come and reinstall at your new property. Depending on your Virgin Pure plan house moves may or may not be included, please contact us for more details.

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