How do I get a Virgin Pure Water System installed?

Interested in a Water System? Already made your purchase and want to check what happens next? Here’s everything you need to know about how our Water System is installed.

The Virgin Pure hassle-free installation process

Fast and Free 

Once ordered, you will quickly receive delivery of your brand new Virgin Pure Water System.

Easy to schedule installation

Once your Water System arrives, we will call to book a convenient installation date.

Installation in under 
an hour

It only takes ~40 minutes to install and our engineer will call the day before to confirm a 2-hour time slot.

30-day satisfaction guarantee

We’re confident you’ll love your new Water System. If you don’t, we’ll collect it for free and give you a refund. Find out more about our Satisfaction Guarantee, here.

Coronavirus Update

We are taking extra Covid-19 precautions. Find out more

How installation works

To enjoy pure water on-tap your water System needs to be connected to your water mains. This is done via a thin flexi tube and clever isolation valve which means it won’t impact your water supply or other appliances.

To discover more about how our delivery and installation process works, please watch our informative video that should hopefully explain everything about the process.

Can I install the Water System myself?

Installing our Water Systems takes specialist knowledge. That’s why our own trained engineers carry out all installations. It also guarantees we can validate your warranty.

There are no sneaky hidden costs either – our professional Virgin Pure water installation is always included in our prices.

What to expect when we install during the Virgin Pure installation process

Choose a location for
your Water System

Pick where you want your new Water System to go. It needs to be within 1.5m from a power socket and within 12m from the water mains (usually found behind a dishwasher or under the sink).

Connect to the water mains

In most cases, we will make a small 6mm hole through your kitchen counter to run a thin flexi-tube to your water supply.

It’s connected using a clever isolation valve that won’t impact any of your other plumbing or appliances.

Set up to your exact preferences

Once the plumbing is done, our engineer will help you to set up your new Virgin Pure Water System.

This includes adjusting the settings to your preferred temperatures, setting autofill levels, adjusting sleep and wake-up times, and generally making sure it’s working exactly how you want it.

Virgin Pure Installation -
Frequently Asked Questions

  • I don’t own my home. Can I still have a Virgin Pure System installed?

    We are happy to install a Virgin Pure Water System in any property. However, we strongly advise you to get permission from the homeowner before we install.

  • Getting permission from the homeowner?

    Sometimes we will have to drill a small hole (only about 6mm) through your countertop to reach the water supply. If you don’t own your home, you’ll need to check that it’s OK with the person who does. If you need any more information for your landlord, please contact our team​, who are experienced and ready to help.

  • Will you give me a demonstration on how it all works?

    Once we’ve finished with the plumbing, we’ll give you a full demonstration on how to use your new Water System. Plus, we will leave you user guides for your new services, which will tell you everything you need to know about using the Water System.

  • When can you install?

    We install Monday-Friday, 8am to 5pm.

  • Does Virgin Pure offer home installation where I live?

    We can install Water Systems in homes across all of mainland Great Britain. Unfortunately, we currently can’t set up on the Isle of Wight, Channel Island, Isle of Man and Northern Ireland. However, we’re working hard to expand to those areas soon. Watch this space.

  • Can I order and delay installation until I move house or complete renovations?

    No problem. Once you’ve ordered, your new Water System will be delivered free of charge within two working days. As soon as it is delivered, one of our team will be in touch to arrange installation. Explain to them when and where you want the installation to occur, and we will take care of everything. Whether that’s an installation in your current address in a month after kitchen renovations or two weeks once you have moved house, take the Water System with you, and we can arrange a convenient date.

  • Can you install through granite or quartz countertops?

    100% yes. Our skilled technicians have had enough training to install our machines through granite, marble, corian and even vibranium (sorry Captain America).

  • Can you install a Virgin Pure Water System if I have a water softener?

    Yep, we can do that. Your Water System just needs to be attached to the mains water supply at a point before the water softener is attached.

  • What if I move house?

    Simply contact us and tell us where you are moving and we will arrange for one of our engineers to come and reinstall at your new property.

    For customers who order the Smart Package, this is included at no extra cost.

    For all other customers, it costs £69.99

What our customers are saying

Virgin Pure Installation - Covid-19 Update

We’ve made changes to keep everyone safe

As you’d expect, we’re taking precautions with our engineers carrying out installs in customers’ homes and workplaces. Our teams have undergone additional training to keep you and themselves safe whilst they work.

Because of this, appointments may occasionally need to be rearranged at short notice. If this happens, we’d appreciate your patience and rest assured we’re doing everything we can to rebook as soon as possible.

We’ll call you to schedule a date and ask some basic safety questions

Once your order is placed we’ll contact you to schedule your installation. As well as finding a convenient date we’ll be checking if you or anyone in your home has been diagnosed with Covid-19 or is self-isolating as a precaution. If the answer is yes, we will need to schedule your installation for a date in the future.

We’ll text you the evening before your installation

The evening before your installation we’ll text you an expected time of arrival and ask the same questions. If anything has changed you will need to re-book an installation for a date in the future.

Your engineer will call again on the way to your property

Your engineer will also call on the day of your appointment and ask the same questions. If anything has changed you will need to re-book an installation once your isolation period has ended.

Keeping our people and customers safe is our top priority, so there could be an occasion where an engineer doesn’t feel comfortable coming into your home. If this happens, we’ll work with you to re-book an alternative date.

When it comes to our engineers carrying out work we’re taking extra steps:

  1. First and foremost our engineers are following the latest government advice and self-isolating if they need to. This means your appointment may be rescheduled at the last minute. Please bear with us if this happens, we’ll do everything we can to keep delays to a minimum.
  2. When the engineer arrives at your property they will call you to let you know and ask you to allow them access. Whilst keeping a 2m distance at all times.
  3. All engineers will use antibacterial gel to wash their hands before they enter your home and they will disinfect all equipment before and after use.
  4. As a precaution, our engineer will wear gloves, a mask and shoe covers.
  5. We ask that you stay 2m away from our engineers at all times. Before starting work they will agree with you where the installation will take place, inspect the area. If you have not done so already they will ask you to empty any cupboards which are needed for access. Once this is done we ask that if possible you wait in another room whilst the engineer is working.
  6. Engineers will use antibacterial cleaning spray to disinfect any areas where they will work.
  7. Our engineer may also request to open doors and windows close to the area where they are installing.

We’ll make sure you’re happy before we leave whilst keeping you safe

Once the installation is complete the engineer will set up your Water System and invite you to check everything is OK whilst remaining at a minimum 2m distance.

The Water System and area which has been worked in will be wiped clean using disinfectant spray and the engineer will remove all rubbish from the area as they leave.

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