Key features of the Virgin Pure Water System

Our Water Systems are water filters, but not as you know them thanks to built-in features that ensure a refreshing experience, every time

Why choose the Virgin Pure Water System

Say goodbye to manual refills

Hooked up to your water mains by one of our skilled engineers, you’ll never need to refill or replenish before a pour. It also means there’s no need to worry about plastic bottles taking up valuable space in your fridge.

Smart instant autofill

Just tap the button to fill your favourite glass or cup in seconds with no overflowing. You don’t even need to be watching. In fact, you don’t even need to be in the same room.

Up to 50 temperature settings

Find the perfect temperature for those expensive Arabica coffee beans or just a serious hit of chilled refreshment.

Set the chilled water to dispense between 5–10°C, ambient between 10–50°C and hot between 92–97°C. You can even use the nifty ‘boost’ button to go even hotter.

Designed for the whole family

Our Water Systems are designed to help the whole family drink more water, and stay healthy.

With that in mind, we’ve added a clever child lock to the hot button.

This means little ones can help themselves to a glass of cold water without accidentally dispensing hot.

Less power, less plastic

A clever built-in sleep mode powers down your Water System when you’re not using it—automatically saving energy.

In fact, independent testing showed our Water System is 32% more energy efficient than a domestic kettle over a typical day.

On top of that, they help prevent the need for millions of single-use plastic water bottles!

Try our features for yourself

We’re confident you’ll love every feature of your new Virgin Pure Water System. And if you don’t, we offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee.