What is WaterCare+?

Our most comprehensive service package
For a monthly £12.95 get everything you need hassle free

Filters and UV Lamps

Delivered to you exactly when you need them. A new Filter every 6 months and UV lamp every 12. To change them simply click in and out

Repair or replace service

As long as you are part of WaterCare+ we’ll come and fix or replace your Water System if you experience an issue.


If you move we’ll come and re-install at your new place

Reusable Bottle

An environmentally friendly reusable bottle to carry pure water, wherever you are

How WaterCare+ works

When ordering the Smart Package a Direct Debit will be set up for WaterCare+. This is separate from your Water System and Installation.
WaterCare+ is a minimum 12 month period. After 12 months you choose to continue WaterCare+ or not.