Why choose WaterCare+?


Don’t worry about ordering replacement filters and UV Lamps; they’ll arrive on your doorstep when you need them.

Peace of mind

No matter what, we’ll keep your Water System working. If for any reason it stops, we’ll replace it.

Manageable payments

Spread the cost of service into even monthly payments.

Save £60 per year

You’ll make a nice saving when compared to buying a separate warranty and all the replacement parts.


Move house and we will send one of our skilled engineers to install your Water System at your new property free of charge.

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WaterCare+ or
Pay as you go

WaterCare+ is just 42p per day, much less than a single bottle of water. What’s more, compared to buying the separate parts individually, you’ll save over £60 per year.


WaterCare+ is a hassle-free manageable monthly subscription that includes everything you need. This option will save you £60 every year compared to buying individual replacement parts.

£12.95 per month
for 12 months

WaterCare+ includes
  • filter replace icon A new filter delivered every 6 months
  • replace uv lamp iconA new UV lamp delivered every 12 months
  • repair icon Unlimited repair and replace service
  • house icon Unlimited re-installs if you move home


If you don’t want to subscribe to the Virgin Pure WaterCare+ package, you are able to easily purchase everything you need to ensure the smooth ongoing operation of you system on a PAYG basis.

est. £18.33 per month
based on an average yearly spend

Pay-as-you-go prices
  • replace filter icon Filter replacement £49.99
  • replace uv filter icon Filter and UV lamp replacement  £99.99
  • repait icon 1-year warranty  £70
  • house icon Re-install cost if you move  £39.99

WaterCare+ is a 12-month agreement. After 12 months, you can choose to either enjoy another 12 months of convenience and value or simply switch to a pay-as-you-go plan.

How to sign up for WaterCare+

As a new customer, simply select the Smart Package when ordering your new Water System. This includes WaterCare+ from day 1!

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How to add WaterCare+ to an existing Virgin Pure account

Add WaterCare+ by calling our team on 0207 022 6472.

If WaterCare+ is added to your account after its warranty has expired, you will not be eligible for the repair and replacement service for the first 12 months of WaterCare+.