5 steps to unlimited pure water with a Virgin Pure WaterBar


Removes the bad stuff and reduces chlorine by 99%

By the time tap water reaches your home it’s been disinfected with Chlorine, before passing through old metal pipes where rust, dirt, and debris can be collected.

Most forms of filtered water remove some of these substances but our WaterBars remove all the bad stuff, here’s how:

  1. A mesh water filter at the inlet pipe traps big bits of dirt
  2. Smaller impurities like rust and sand are removed by a sediment filter
  3. An activated carbon water filter adsorbs organic matter and contaminants
  4. The chilled filtered water is zapped by a UV purifier keeping it free from bacteria
  5. Whilst the boiling water is treated to prevent scale (those yucky white flakes).

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Preserves good minerals like Calcium

Our WaterBars purification process doesn’t produce any dangerous by-products or cause any chemical changes.

As a result, minerals like magnesium, calcium, and potassium found naturally in water and beneficial to our health are maintained.
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Get chilled filtered water whenever you want it,
all day, everyday.

And not just chilled. Set the chilled temperature between 5 and 16 degrees and hot and cold mix between 10 – 50, ideal if you suffer from sensitive teeth.

And best of all, with the bad stuff removed it tastes great. It’s why 90% of our customers and their families drink more water since having a Virgin Pure WaterBar in their home.


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Instant boiling water on demand

The purity of our filtered water means tea and coffee tastes better and you can even set the exact temperature to suit those expensive arabica beans.

Also use your WaterBar to fill pots and pans when cooking veggies.

And did we mention there’s no waiting for the water to boil and no yucky scale.


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Smarter than your average water filter

Our WaterBars are packed with smart features

Set your wake-up time
Ready when you need it but sits in energy saving mode when you don’t.

Pre-set Pour Level
Program your WaterBar to dispense the exact amount of filtered water to fill your favourite glass or cup with a single touch of a button.

Water Temperature Control
Both chilled and boiling set to your desired temperature.

Child Locks
Because we know small hands like to press buttons the child lock function ensures your WaterBar is safe for the whole family.
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