Discover the perfect way of getting instant, filtered water (chilled or hot).

Water filter jugs are popular, but their singular focus and simplistic filtration system mean that they lack the capabilities that make our system a truly indispensable part of your kitchen and life.

Virgin Pure Water Filter Jug
Filters water
Unlimited supply
Instant hot water
Instant chilled water
50+ temperature settings
Pre-set cup size
Smart wake up function
Prevents scale
Kills waterborne bacteria
Maintenance 6 months Monthly
What it will cost you [see data sources]
Weekly cost 1st year £8.37 £1.18
Weekly cost 3rd year £4.78 £0.90

Upgrade your water filter jug

Triple filtration,
UV purification
& scale prevention

By removing any rust, dirt, chlorine, bacteria, organic matter, herbicides, pesticides, volatile organic matter, and micro plastics, as well as stopping limescale build up, you’ll get pure, filtered water every time.

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Water dispensed how you like it

Instant filtered water that can be cooled or heated to your liking with a choice of over 50 temperature settings. Meaning there’s always chilled or hot water for your drinks, cooking and whatever else you might need.

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No more running out

Because our system is connected to your mains, you’ll not run out of chilled or hot filtered water. Never again will you have to face the dilemma of having forgotten to top up a jug or stick it in the fridge.

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So there you have it

When weighing up your decision, Virgin Pure is the clear winner. But, as they say, the choice is yours...
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