Our home water system is an inexpensive way of getting purified hot water.

The Virgin Pure system not only provides purified, boiling water at the push of a button, it also does a lot more, and at a lower cost than an expensive integrated hot water tap.

Virgin Pure Hot Water Tap
Unlimited filtered water
Instant hot water
Prevents scale
Instant chilled water
50+ temperature settings
Pre-set cup size
Smart wake up function
Kills waterborne bacteria
Maintenance 6 months 6 months
What it will cost you [see data sources]
Weekly cost 1st year £8.76 £22.25
Weekly cost 3rd year £5.68 £8.53

Why choose us over a hot water tap?

Easily set the perfect temperature for you

Set the Hot Water to be dispensed between 92 – 97°C, allowing you to find the perfect temperature to really enjoy your favourite tea or coffee. And a nifty ‘boost’ button means it can go even hotter if needs be.

Smart functions you’ll love

Save energy with our clever built-in sleep mode that powers down your Water System when you’re not using it. And at the tap of a button, it’ll fill your favourite cup or mug in seconds, with no risk of overflowing.

Triple filtration,
UV purification
& scale prevention

By removing any rust, dirt, chlorine, bacteria, organic matter, herbicides, pesticides, volatile organic matter, and micro plastics, as well as stopping limescale build up, you’ll get pure, filtered boiling water every time.

So there you have it

When weighing up your decision, Virgin Pure is the clear winner. But, as they say, the choice is yours...

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