What does a Bodybuilder have to say about hydration?

By Ross Garshong

What does a Bodybuilder have to say about hydration?

We all have questions that would be so much easier to have answered if we could just ask an expert. So we reached out to 6’3" pro-bodybuilder Ross Garshong to talk to him about all things fitness and hydration.

We all know that the simplest things can sometimes be the most effective when it comes to upping your game/performance. 

But how do you feel water fits into this philosophy? 

Well, people wanting to improve their health and wellbeing tend to focus on supplements and quick fixes that may help.

I will admit that I was once guilty of this myself but then I discovered that 80% of what will set you right is simply keeping yourself properly hydrated. 

The next big questions is how much more water do you need to be drinking when you exercise?  

Personally, I've found that drinking at least 1-2 litres of water during strenuous physical activity produces the best results, and this is on top of the 3-4 litres I recommend we drink a day.

Just because you're not visibly sweating does not mean your body is not expending heat and moisture to cool itself. 

In terms of performance during physical activity... When you see those exaggerated figures on isotonic sports drinks, those numbers are all based on a dehydrated population, which we are! So add a teaspoon of salt to your water if you're doing high intensity activity.

I am guilty of drinking a few coffees a day, and as I would much rather eat my carbs than drink them, I always avoid sugary drinks. 

And since I do drink coffee, I will always up my water intake to around 5 litres due to the diuretic effect coffee has.

When dealing with clients, I've found that the biggest obstacle to people drinking more water is their perception that it's too basic and too boring.

For some it's also seen as so plentiful and so simple that it's just taken for granted and people forget to keep up a steady intake of water throughout the day. 

For others, when they think about it, their access to good quality and good tasting water isn't as simple as we might think. In some areas of the country, especially in London, I don't feel like good tasting water is as convenient as many may assume. 

The bottom line is that, no matter the level you're training at, you need to stay properly hydrated throughout the day to get the best results. 

Ross Garshong is a personal trainer and competitive bodybuilder (5th place IFBB A.Olympia Finalist), so when it comes to health and fitness, there’s nothing this guy doesn't know. 

When he’s not training, his passion lies in understanding our bodies composition and what we can do to maximise our intake of fuel in order to perform at a top level.

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