The Raveloution will not go thirsty on our watch!

By Bob Fear

The Raveloution will not go thirsty on our watch!

Have you ever raved at 7am…sober? No, we hadn’t either.

But that all changed, when we got a taste of the phenomenon that is Morning Glory.

Unique? Of course. Surreal? Undoubtedly. Incredible? Absolutely.

Morning Glory teamed up with Virgin Pure to keep the Raveloution Ravers happy and hydrated with free-flowing H20 from our Water Systems all morning long. After all, keeping spirits high and thirsts quenched is what we’re all about.

Morning Glory represents everything that we love here at Virgin Pure. At its core, it’s challenging the very notion of what it means to be a morning person and flipping the day on its head. 

Rest assured, if your normal morning routine involves a blurry-eyed stumble to the kettle, swapping the morning news for spandex and glitter will be a welcome shock to the system. 

With all the disruption going on in the UK these days, Morning Glory are hands down the only guys reinventing the A.M.

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