The Kitchen of The Future: Top 7 Predictions – Virgin Pure

By Chris Hann

The Kitchen of The Future: Top 7 Predictions – Virgin Pure

Our kitchens of tomorrow will be smart. Maybe even smarter than Heston Blumenthal. Not that they’ll be able to knock up a complete culinary feast all by themselves, but they’ll definitely be able to do most of the work for you. So, what will the kitchen of the future look like? We’ve listed some ideas below.

The kitchen of the future will be controlled from one device

It’s thought that your kitchen devices and appliances will all be connected, so you can turn anything on or off even when you’re not at home. Even your most used kitchen gadget will be new and improved to make your life even easier in the kitchen of the future. How handy is that? Join us on your future daily journey, made easier by smart devices.

Our favourite future drinks machines

You’ll be able to kick-start the day by firing up your Illy espresso machine from your smart speaker or phone while still in bed. After doing your obligatory daily workout in your dining room along to YouTube, you whizz up one mother of a protein smoothie in your NutriBullet Balance which handily tracks your nutritional intake.

Smart(er) fridges

Whether you’re at work or out and about, your Samsung FamilyHub fridge updates your phone with your latest grocery situation. If it shows that your cauliflower’s on the turn and you’re low on cheese (it was that unplanned late night snack last night) you simply hit up AmazonFresh who do same-day delivery via super-quick drone.

New and improved kitchen ovens

Before you head for home, you remotely crank up your Bosch Home Connect oven. When you get home, your Drop Scale measures all your ingredients to within the nearest microgram and automatically tweaks your hob settings accordingly for you.

Your Weber Bluetooth thermometer keeps your phone up to date with the temperature of your cauliflower cheese and pretty soon you have a digital chorus of multiple confirmatory alerts across all your synchronised smart devices telling you that dinner is ready.


While you’re on Zoom in your home office for most of the next day at a virtual conference, you set your Bosch smart dishwasher to wash last night’s pans, which in turn alerts Amazon Dash to replenish your supply of dishwasher tabs.

New wave microwaves

That second portion of cauliflower cheese you made is already in your AmazonBasics microwave which you ask Alexa to turn on while your conference is wrapping up (it always tastes better heated up the next day, right?).

Wi-Fi (no more slow loading screens!)

Everything smartly sorted. As long as your phone works and your wi-fi doesn’t ever drop out. But phones and wi-fi will be so much more reliable in the future. They’d better be, because all of these kitchen devices and appliances are all on the market already. The future is now.

Fab water appliances in the kitchen of the future!

A perfect addition to any smart home: the perfect water purifier machine. All of your new devices and appliances will sit very comfortably alongside your already pretty smart Virgin Pure system, which immediately dispenses triple-filtered water, chilled or boiling, at the touch of a button. The good news is, you can get this device now! You’re already on your way to creating the kitchen of the future.

But what might the future hold for our home water systems?

A lot of smart homes are moving in a more sustainable and self-sufficient direction. Perhaps our home water systems of tomorrow will complement solar panels, ground source heat pumps and maybe even water boreholes, where we treat and purify our very own water supply?

Now that you know all about the new handy gadgets for the kitchen of the future, check out all the places in your house where bacteria lurk!

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