The best reusable drinking straws

By Bob Fear

The best reusable drinking straws

We look at the best, most popular reusable drinking straws available in the UK and assess the difference between silicone straws, metal straws, bamboo straws and glass straws. Which are the best reusable straws for kids, for smoothies, or hot drinks? We have the answers…

Single-use plastic drinking straws have long been one of the signifiers of our plastic pollution problem. While straws are not always essential, they are good at protecting our teeth, they’re great for kids and, historically, they’ve been cheap and ultra-convenient so we’ve got used to using them. But then we’d chuck them away without any thought as to how they’d affect the planet.

Since single-use plastic straws were banned, the market for reusable drinking straws has grown massively. So which are the best, most sustainable drinking straws that we can now buy? And do we go for silicone, glass, bamboo or stainless steel? We give you the reusable drinking straw lowdown.

Why use silicone drinking straws?

Reusable silicone straw pros

  • Best for kids and anyone who chews their straws!
  • Good for hot and cold drinks (they don’t absorb heat)
  • Long lasting
  • Most are dishwashable
  • Feels the nicest on your mouth
  • Affordable
  • Colourful

Reusable silicone straw cons

  • Floppy

Best reusable silicone drinking straw

Joie Rainbow Reusable Silicone Straws have been the affordable consumer favourites for a while and are championed by Mumsnet as being the best for kids. They’re widely available and you can check them out on Amazon.

Although Joie should do away with the plastic in their packaging. A popular, but more costly, alternative that comes in plastic-free packaging is Softy Straws, which come in slim or big size.

Why use metal drinking straws?

Reusable stainless steel straw pros

  • The most durable
  • Will last a lifetime
  • Dishwashable

Reusable stainless steel straw cons

  • Can leave a metallic taste in your mouth
  • Conducts heat, so no good for hot drinks
  • Not great for kids, anyone who chews their straws or has sensitive teeth

Best reusable stainless steel drinking straw

There are loads of metal drinking straws on the market, and it’s best to go for a good food grade stainless steel for the most hygienic option. Sometimes, when there’s so much choice, you just want to go for the reliable brand you’ve trusted for years. So thanks heavens for Salter and their 18/8 grade stainless steel straws, which come in a little cotton and linen bag.

Why use glass drinking straws?

Reusable glass drinking straw pros

  • Borosilicate glass straws are durable
  • OK for hot and cold drinks (but still heat up)
  • Don’t leave a taste in your mouth
  • Stylish
  • You can see when they’re dirty!
  • Dishwashable

Reusable glass drinking straw cons

  • No good for kids, or anyone who chews their straws
  • Break more easily than silicone and stainless steel
  • Thicker glass straws can feel a bit weird in your mouth

Best reusable glass drinking straws

The multicoloured borosilicate glass drinking straws from Kikkerland are fab and are a popular choice in most good consumer lists. You can grab a pack for around £10 from Oliver Bonas (and they come in recyclable packaging).

Why use bamboo drinking straws?

Reusable bamboo drinking straw pros

  • Plant-based and completely biodegradable
  • Good for hot and cold drinks
  • Naturally antibacterial

Reusable bamboo drinking straw cons

  • Not always dishwashable
  • Can deteriorate over time
  • Can feel woody on the mouth

Best reusable bamboo drinking straws

100% organic and responsibly sourced, Jungle Straws are the bamboo drinking straw of choice. These handcrafted, super eco-friendly beauties boast that they’re tasteless, odourless and strong - completely dishwashable. But we’d say to keep them out of the dishwasher if you want them to last longer. And when they do wear out - you can just check them on the compost heap. There’s zero plastic in the packaging, and they come in a natty little hessian bag. You can buy them direct from the Jungle Straws website where you can also read their whole story.

Collapsible straws & silicon tips

So you like a stainless steel straw, but don’t like the feel of them or want to use them in hot drinks as well? As if they’ve read our pros and cons, Kynup has magicked up a fab solution, and then added the bonus feature of making their product collapsible.

These popular reusable stainless steel straws come with a little silicone tip that you pop on the drinking end so if your drink is hot your straw won’t be. Also great if you prefer the silicone sipping experience to the metal one. The bonus is that they’re collapsible so a lot more convenient if you’re out and about lots and want to pop your own straw into takeaway drinks.  They’re available to buy on Amazon

Extra wide straws for smoothies

Most of the above reusable drinking straws may be too slim to slurp up a nice thick smoothie. Luckily, ecoLiving have come up with a wider version of their stainless steel straws. So, at 8mm wide, this is the sustainable way to suck up your thicker drinks

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