The 5 Best Kitchen Gadgets You Need in Your Life - Virgin Pure

By Bob Fear

The 5 Best Kitchen Gadgets You Need in Your Life - Virgin Pure

5 Cool kitchen gadgets you need in your home

The kitchen is a place of refuge and experimentation. It's where childhood memories are forged and where late nights come to a satisfying end. In other words, the kitchen is the heart and soul of the home. While a really good food processor will always come in handy, we’re looking to the lesser-known products that still make great additions to your kitchen.

1.Hot water dispenser

Say goodbye to slow, noisy kettles because hot water dispensers will give you boiling hot water in just three to five seconds, giving you plenty of water for cooking, cleaning and countless cups of tea. Definitely one of the cool kitchen gadgets around. It also uses 32% less energy than the average kettle, so you’ll save on your electricity bill too. A crisp, clean taste every time and hot water at the touch of a button all from one smart water dispenser.

2.Ice maker

If you’re hosting, then you’ll need plenty of ice. The ice maker machine makes ice cubes in just six minutes which means you will always have a supply on hand. Simply plug it in, add some water and wait. Much easier than trying to fill freezer bags, a great contender for best kitchen gadgets.

3.Food processors

Are you doing a lot of chopping, grating or slicing? Well, the solution you need is a food processor, this will significantly reduce your preparation time. Many people confuse a food processor with a blender, but the two are entirely different products. Unlike blenders, which essentially turn food into smoothies, food processors are equipped with sharp blades to help shred, chop, grate and cut cooking ingredients. While they can blend to some extent, the results probably won’t be as smooth as they would be if you used a blender.

4.Electric Breakfast Sandwich Maker

This is definitely one of the many cool kitchen gadgets. The under-appreciated breakfast sandwich is a great grab-and-go breakfast option. Serve up the classic bacon, egg and cheese for breakfast, without having to dirty up a bunch of pans and dishes. This gadget has a special cooking compartment for each component, so less mess and cleaning up to do.

5.Water Dispenser

Water dispensers are designed to help you live a healthy, convenient and sustainable life. Take the fuss out of a glass of water with an efficient and easy way to drink tasty, filtered water. With hassle free hydration at your fingertips, it would be silly to not have a water filter in the running for best kitchen gadgets. They never run out or require re-filling, and the maintenance is simple and replacement filters are required just twice per year. Unlimited chilled water at the touch of a button, all from one smart water dispenser. It also costs less per day than one can of fizzy drink, carton of juice or single bottle of water.

What’s the most used kitchen gadget?

Most people who’ve bought kitchen gadgets only go on to use them just once a week or less. But most Virgin Pure customers use their home water system over ten times a day.

Only 4% of people use their non-essential kitchen appliances, such as blenders, juicers and mixers, every day. In our poll, over a third of people said that they’ve spent over £300 on kitchen gadgets, most of which spend a lot of time gathering dust or stuck in a cupboard. The least used items are ice-cream makers and fondue sets.

76% of people surveyed owned a blender, making it the most bought kitchen appliance. But over a third of those people only use it once a week or less, and just 5% use it every day.

The second most bought best kitchen gadgets is the toasted sandwich maker. However, while 68% of people own one, around a third only use it once a week or less and just 5% use it every day.

When we polled Virgin Pure customers, over half said they use their home water systems at least 11 to 15 times a day, while a third said they used it 6 to 10 times a day. All customers said they use it every single day.

This suggests that, although it might initially be seen as a non-essential luxury item, the Virgin Pure machine quickly becomes an essential everyday kitchen appliance. For some, it’s their most used kitchen item, therefore a sound investment - and least likely to be gathering dust.

The most used kitchen items

Appliance % of owners that use it every day
Virgin Pure 100%
Juicer 8%
Stand mixer 6%
Blender 5%
Toasted sandwich maker 5%
Smoothie maker 2%

Pollfish survey, Sept 2021 (200 respondents)
Virgin Pure Instagram & Facebook poll, Sept 2021 (100 respondents)

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