​It’s a win-win for Virgin Pure and Forest Green Rovers

By Bob Fear

​It’s a win-win for Virgin Pure and Forest Green Rovers

Virgin Pure recently became the proud personal sponsor of Forest Green Rover central defender, Jordan Moore-Taylor.

This Saturday we were proudly cheering Jordan on as, with his help, the team clinched promotion to League One. But for Forest Green Rovers, Saturday was not just about celebrating the fact that they had secured promotion to the next tier of the football league, it was also about celebrating that they had become the first sports team in the world to travel to a sporting event in a zero-emissions vehicle.

Everyone here at Virgin Pure agreed that a working relationship with Forest Green Rovers would be a win-win because of their well-known green credentials. The club’s whole mantra is focused on sustainability and includes initiatives such as:

●The squad all wear recyclable tracksuits

●Electric vehicle charging points at their stadium

●Using a GPS-directed, solar-powered lawnmower

●Collecting rainwater that lands on the stadium to irrigate the pitch

●Only offering a vegan menu

They want to be a club to be seen as leading the fight against climate change - and it’s not going unnoticed. The United Nations has officially recognised Forest Green Rovers as the world’s first carbon-neutral football club, and FIFA described them as the “greenest team in the world”.

And the sustainable future looks strong as their new stadium, which they got planning permission for in 2021, is intended to have the lowest carbon footprint of any stadium in the world. 

The new 5,000 capacity stadium will be made entirely from wood and include a parkland containing 500 trees as well as having 1.8km of hedgerows planted all around it.

At Virgin Pure, we know that people who switch to our system from bottled water help to stop thousands of single-use plastic bottles from entering the ecosystem. We’re also working hard on ensuring that every element of our supply process is as eco-friendly as it can be. 

We look up to the work that Forest Green Rovers are doing and we’re proud to be helping to support them in their quest to make the world a greener place.

We will be continuing to support the club for the rest of the season, where we hope they can clinch the league title, and then continue to provide support as they seek to establish themselves as a League One club (and hopefully push towards promotion to the championship!) 

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