Is it best to drink hot, cold or warm water?

By Bob Fear

Is it best to drink hot, cold or warm water?

You can’t beat a refreshing glass of chilled pure water. It works wonders. But that’s not to say it always has to be cold. And anyway - how cold is cold? And what about drinking warm water? There are a number of different theories about the benefits of drinking water at different temperatures. So we’ve rounded them up here for you.

The benefits of drinking chilled water

Research has shown that drinking water chilled to 6℃ is the best way to experience a burst of energising refreshment after getting a bit overheated. Whereas drinking water chilled to 16℃ is the best way to quickly rehydrate, particularly after exercise.

This is because our bodies naturally encourage more water consumption when drunk at this temperature, so it feels easier to drink more. It also reduces the amount we sweat, therefore enabling us to rehydrate more efficiently.

It’s also thought that drinking cold water helps encourage weight loss. This is because we’re forcing our bodies to work a bit harder to warm the water when it’s inside of us. So drinking a bit of pure, chilled water might burn up to eight calories.

Above all, most people seem to prefer the taste of chilled water. So whatever encourages us to drink enough is a good enough reason!

The benefits of drinking room temperature water

If we take the average room temperature to be 20℃, then drinking water with this slight warmth to it is said to be the best for our taste buds to get the flavour. Which is great if you have nicely purified water. Not so great if your tap water is hard or tastes a bit yucky.

The benefits of drinking warm water

The practices of yoga and Ayurveda say that we should drink water that’s within four to eight degrees of our body temperature. This is said to help us achieve spiritual balance. The theory is that eating or drinking anything a lot colder or hotter than our natural temperature of around 37℃ will cause us to lose our inner balance.

Chinese and Japanese cultures also believe in drinking warm water. While Chinese culture agrees with Indian culture about balance, Japanese culture believes warm water aids healthy digestion. 

Some studies show that it can benefit those with digestion problems, especially if drunk after a meal. Warm water can stimulate your blood flow to the intestines as well as help break down fats in the stomach.

Research has shown that drinking water at around 40℃ is the most effective at quenching thirst. In tests, people felt less thirsty after drinking warm water. But remember that hydration is all about our physical need for water, whereas thirst is a feeling. 

You can easily get dehydrated in warmer weather or when exercising, so you should drink more at these times even if you don’t feel particularly thirsty. The colour of your pee is the best way to determine if you’re sufficiently hydrated. It should be anything from a light yellow colour to clear.

The benefits of drinking hot water

Research shows that water drunk at anywhere between 50 and 70℃ can help you feel more relaxed. Besides helping you to feel soothed, drinking hot water can also help if you have a cold, cough or sore throat. It may help relieve symptoms of a mucus build up. 

It could also improve your blood circulation and nervous system activity, which in turn could help with stress and anxiety (although there is little proof of this as yet).

How to drink water at a specific temperature

While all these different benefits sound great, armed with just a kettle and a fridge, it’d be quite hard to get your water to your required temperature. Luckily we have a solution for that. Our home water system lets you set up to 50 different temperatures. 

This means you can instantly dispense a refreshing glass of purified water in the morning at 6℃, you can sip on water at 20℃ during the day, take a glass at 16℃ after you’ve exercised, have a nice glass at 40℃ with dinner, and then wind up at night time with a relaxing drink at 60℃. 

And everyone else in your house can set their own temperatures as well. Great tasting, filtered water made easy - at any temperature.

The benefits of drinking water at different temperatures

50-70℃ - Hot water - Best for relaxation

40℃ - Warm water - Best for quench thirst, aiding digestion or achieving spiritual balance

20℃ - Room temperature water - Best for flavour

16℃ - Chilled water - Best for hydration

6℃ - Chilled water - Best for refreshment


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