How your body loses water throughout the day

By Bob Fear

How your body loses water throughout the day

We are all about 70% water so we function best when we're all topped up. But when we get a bit nasty effects of dehydration we all should drink plenty of water.

We lose more water than any other essential nutrient in our bodies. On average we can lose about four and a half pints of water a day, in a variety of different ways. 

When does your body lose water?

When you pee

You mainly lose water when you pee. You can lose over two pints every day through your urine.

If you drink a lot of water then you're likely to pee more often and your urine will be nice and clear - as it should be.

When you poo

When you poo you can lose about a tenth of a pint of water a day. Water in our faeces keeps it moist and makes it easier to pass through our bodies. 

When you have diarrhoea you'll lose a lot more water - so that's why it's important to rehydrate when we're ill.

When you sweat

Even though you don't always notice it, you'll still sweat and will lose over one and a half pints of water evaporates through your skin every day. 

If you're doing lots of exercise, or it's hotter than usual, then you'll lose even more through sweating.

When you breathe

Over a pint and a half of water is lost a day while you breathe. 

See those little clouds that form when you exhale on a cold day? That's water vapour.

Stay hydrated

It's important to top up the fluid we're constantly losing in order to keep our body's water balance level - and that fluid should be as pure and healthy as possible with as few unhealthy additives or contaminants as possible (hands up, sugar!).

Remember - we're 70% water - not 70% tea, coffee, juice or cola. Our bodies need water more than any other essential nutrient.

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