How to survive the Christmas party season

By Bob Fear

How to survive the Christmas party season

The Christmas party season is all too fleeting for us. We wish it could be Christmas party day every day. While some might balk at the thought of a non-stop merry-go-round of party, sleep, work, party, sleep, work - not us. 

Yes - we have to admit that we are that annoyingly effervescent social butterfly and yes - our secret is entirely healthy and legal. So what's in our water? Well, uh... water. We don't mean to be smug, but that's the deal - pure and simple.

The reason why we haven't prematurely expired and we're not grey of pallor and dry of mouth is that we simply match our wine with water. It's nothing new - those healthily glowing Europeans have managed to get it right for years. Drink wine with food and match it with water - it's your perfect party season rule.

We all know that alcohol dries you out. It's a diuretic, so it'll make you pee a lot, hence you getting dehydrated - leading to those banging headaches and nasty hangovers. 

The hangover is the scourge of the wall-to-wall party animal. Why wipe out the next few days of shindigs and soirees after maxing it out on one night? 

The only cure for a hangover is rehydration. Well - the best cure for a hangover is not to overdo it and get dehydrated at all. But you don't have to be a party pooper - a little tipple of something good is all part of the fun. Just make sure you get some good, pure water down your neck too.

If you like properly decent wine then you should match every glass with properly decent water. Build up your stamina with top quality purified water rich with essential minerals - that'll keep you going (and not just to the toilet).

Oh - there's also one other secret about how to get a handle on the party season this Christmas: no matter how up-for-it you are, no matter how much of a buzz you're on after the eighteenth party in a row - never, EVER wear those reindeer antler headbands. That's just not cool.

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