How does bottled water compare to Virgin Pure?

By Bob Fear

How does bottled water compare to Virgin Pure?

Is buying a home water dispenser better than buying bottled water?

If tap water simply doesn’t cut it for you and you regularly buy bottled water to drink instead, could a filtered water dispenser for the home be a worthwhile investment? We take a look at both options and compare them for cost, sustainability, water quality and convenience.


Bottled water may seem good in the short term - the average cost of a litre of bottled water is 43p. But in the long term, you could be spending £2000 more over three years than you would if you invested in a filtered water dispenser for the home.

●The cost per week of Virgin Pure in the first three years of ownership works out at £4.78 1.

●The cost per week of bottled water for a family of four consuming six litres of water a day (our recommended daily fluid intake is around 1.5 litres a day) is £18.06 2. Nearly four times as much.

Of course, if you drink even more purified water from your dispenser, it doesn’t cost you any more.

1. Based on initial cost of purchase plus monthly subscription price for full replacements and servicing

2. Average cost per litre based on 6 x 1.5l bottle pack, best selling 3 on 14/2/2022


Buying bottled water is clearly not sustainable. You’ll be adding nearly 600 times more plastic to the recycling pile across a year than you would if you relied on a water dispenser at home. And this is only if you choose to recycle your single-use plastic bottles. 91% of plastic water bottles aren’t recycled. You could be adding over half a ton of plastic waste every year to the growing piles that end up polluting our oceans. 1 A Virgin Pure home water dispenser is the more sustainable option as it results in the least amount of plastic put into recycling every year - just 1 kg. 2

1.584 kg - based on 4 bottles per day (6l) at 40g weight per empty 1.5l plastic bottle (

2. Based on a filter weight of 530g

Water quality

Scientists recently found that people who regularly drink bottled water have twice the normal amount of microplastics floating about their guts. 15 different types of microplastic were found in people’s faeces. PET, used to make water bottles, was the most common. 1

Tests revealed that 93% of bottled water shows 'some sign of microplastic contamination' 2 and can contain ‘a few hundred’ pieces of microplastic 3. There were twice as many plastic particles in bottled water as tap water. 4 Virgin Pure’s triple filtration process will remove microplastics from your drinking water.

Also, when stored, bottled water can potentially breed high levels of bacteria, especially if not refrigerated. 5 Our home water dispenser contains a UV lamp which kills any bacteria in the water. Therefore, you’re far less likely to be ingesting microplastics or drinking potentially high levels of bacteria if you go the Virgin Pure way. We even leave in all the natural healthy minerals you need, such as calcium and potassium, so it’s like having mineral water on tap.


2. 93% of bottles tested showed some sign of microplastic contamination. An average of 325 microplastic particles per litre of bottled water was found:

3. 2019

4. Orb Media Study, 2018



While bottled water may seem convenient, it’s not so convenient for the planet. And it takes up the most space in your fridge. Once you install a home water dispenser, not only do you have unlimited purified chilled water on tap, you also have hot water at the touch of a button.

●We spend nearly one-and-a-half hours a week waiting for the kettle to boil 1

●It takes nearly five hours for a bottle of water at room temperature to chill to under 6℃ 2

●You need around 560 square cm in your fridge to store bottled water 3, that’s the size of a pretty big cake (or two). We know which we’d rather have in our fridge.

With a Virgin Pure home water system, you never have to wait for hot or cold water, you never run out, you don’t need fridge space and you don’t need a kettle. Now which seems more convenient?



3.Based on average dimensions of the top 5 best selling 6x1.5l bottle water packs on 5/2/2021 and average 7200sqm fridge size:

Totting all those facts and stats up, investing in a hot and cold water dispenser at home is definitely better for people and planet than continuing to buy bottled water. Make the switch now!

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