How does a filter jug compare to Virgin Pure?

By Bob Fear

How does a filter jug compare to Virgin Pure?

Which is better: a water filter jug or a Virgin Pure home water system?

We decided to compare our Home Water System against a the whole water jug market in 4 main areas: Quality, Convenience, Eco-friendliness & Cost. Below we detail differences to help you decide which is the best option for you.

1. Quality

Most filter jugs will only commit to removing limescale, chlorine, lead and copper from your tap water.

Whereas a Virgin Pure home water system will remove all of those as well as organic matter and contaminants; herbicides and pesticides; VOCs (volatile organic compounds); and the microplastics that can get into the mains water system

Also, after a filter jug has removed the chlorine, bacteria can easily breed again in stored water. That’s why our water system has a UV lamp, to render these pesky little microorganisms inactive and prevent them from multiplying once the chlorine has been removed. Our water system kills 99.99999% of potentially unhealthy waterborne bacteria.

2. Convenience

Not only do you need to change the filter in a jug every month (How many people leave useless dirty old filters in their jugs for months on end?). 

You also need to refill the jug every time you use it (obvs). This means you have a relatively small, finite supply of water that you have to wait hours and hours for while it filters and chills. Then there’s the amount of fridge space you need.

The Virgin Pure home water system only needs a new filter once every six months and the chilled filtered water is dispensed in an instant - at the touch of a button, on-demand 24 hours a day if you need it. 

Also, because of the integrated hot water function, you’ll no longer need an old-fashioned kettle.

3. Eco-friendliness

Replacement jug filters are needed every month, whereas Virgin Pure filters only need replacing once every six months. So that’s less plastic to recycle.

4. Cost

Filter jugs are a cheaper option. However, the problems with a less sophisticated filtration system, a lack of convenience (as well as a lack of an integrated boiling water solution!) and more plastic waste mean that a filter jug may not be the smartest option overall.

So we’re pretty sure of which one we think is best! Time to free up your fridge and get rid of that crusty old filter jug.

Did you know that having a water dispenser that chills and heats your tap water is a great tip to help you save water at home.

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