How a water dispenser will make you healthier

By Bob Fear

How a water dispenser will make you healthier

Having a water dispenser to hand could be the key to a healthier lifestyle. Staying healthily hydrated throughout the day by drinking lots of lovely purified water, rather than endless amounts of sugary drinks, will help keep mind and body in good shape. A hot water dispenser will give you the added benefit of variating from the chilled option, while still serving you with the best tasting triple-filtered water.

If your regular tipple is tea or coffee, then a hot water dispenser will have you chucking out your tired old kettle. Instant hot water on tap will mean no more flat-tasting scaly water - and no waiting around for it to boil. As well as saving time, a hot water dispenser will use less electricity and cut down on water waste. The best quality water will improve the taste of your favourite brew, which is helpful if you need encouragement to drink a little more water every day. Just remember to keep your caffeine intake in check. Try decaffeinated drinks, or adding fresh lemon, ginger or mint to hot water for a quick and easy health boost and taste kick.

No more sugary drinks

A diet of sugary drinks, even though counting toward your daily water intake, will counteract any benefits of hydration. To break this unhealthy habit, start by switching out one sugary drink a day with a glass of the pure, fresh stuff straight from the water dispenser. Having purified water to hand, chilled or at room temperature, is just like having mineral water on tap - and will save you a fortune by never needing to buy bottled water, let alone sugary drinks, again.

All nasty contaminants that might lurk in your tap water, such as chlorine, bacteria and microplastics, are removed by your water dispenser. This ensures that your water, hot or cold, always tastes great. Gradually replace one more sugary drink in the day as you go. Pretty soon you’ll have kicked that unhealthy habit.

A revitalising cup of pure water first thing in the morning will start your healthy hydration regimen. Having a glass of water before and during every meal will help you digest your food as well as manage your appetite, which is handy if you want to watch your weight.

Why do we need to drink more water?

The average adult body is 60% water. You need to maintain this natural balance in order to function properly and stay fit and healthy. If your body loses too much water and you don’t replenish it, the first warning signal it sends out is a raging thirst. And that’s when you lose just 1% of your water. At this point, your concentration, memory, attention-span and reaction time might dip by 10%.

Letting yourself get even mildly dehydrated not only impairs your mental performance, but your physical well-being as well. Your hand-eye motor coordination can slip and you can develop headaches and lightheadedness. You’ll also be less alert and feel tired. Staying healthily hydrated can help improve your digestion and prevent conditions such as constipation, urinary tract infections and kidney stones. All of this simply because you haven’t maintained your essential 60% water balance.

Even when we breathe…

Your body is losing water all the time, even when you might not notice. Obviously you lose lots when you pee, but also when you poop. Sweating is a clear sign of water loss, but the simple, continuous act of breathing also causes you to lose water - over a pint and a half a day! This is more obvious on a cold day when the water vapour you exhale becomes visible.

The best way to keep a check on your internal water balance, is to look at the colour of your pee. If you’re nice and hydrated, then your pee will be a clear pale yellow. The darker your pee, the more dehydrated you are. This is your body telling you to drink more water. Clever thing.


90% of Virgin Pure customers say they drink more water since they had their water dispenser installed. We all know that we should drink more water to stay healthy, but actually doing something about it is now not so much of a challenge. Having a hot and cold water dispenser makes it far easier to ditch the unhealthy drinks and stick to the essential pure stuff. 

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