How a filtered water dispenser gets kids to drink more water

By Bob Fear

How a filtered water dispenser gets kids to drink more water

Having a filtered water dispenser at home will help your kids stay healthy by encouraging them to drink more water. Current UK guidelines, endorsed by the NHS, say that kids and adults alike should drink six to eight cups or glasses a day to replace normal water loss. If kids don’t like the taste of tap water and tend to head straight for the sugary stuff, then it can be a hard battle to encourage them to hydrate in a healthy fashion.

Parents who have a filtered water dispenser say that their kids drink more water since they had their system installed. In fact, 90% of Virgin Pure customers said their families drink more water and, from those who said their drinking habits had changed, 85% said they drink fewer juices and fizzy drinks since they had their filtered water dispenser fitted at home.

Kids in control

The novelty factor plays a huge part in winning kids around. They love a shiny new gadget that they’re allowed to use. Thanks to our hot and cold water dispenser’s child-safety lock, the little ones can easily get to grips with the countertop machine themselves, which makes them feel a bit more grown-up, able to do more in the kitchen and take part.

Being able to use the filtered water dispenser themselves, kids get a sense of ownership and responsibility over their health and hydration. They love the feeling of independently achieving a high standard. They’ll be even more super keen if they have their own personal cup or bottle to refill. Any added motivation guarantees a filtered water enthusiast, so try the good old rewards-based competitive approach to drinking more water. Kids’ water tracker bottles are a great way to make a game out of hydration while handily monitoring their water intake.

Chilled to perfection

The fact that a filtered water dispenser at home means that you always get fresh, chilled great-tasting water in an instant is often motivation enough for kids to drink more. The Virgin Pure triple-filtration process removes anything that might impair the taste and smell of your mains water but leaves in all the naturally occurring essential minerals that we need, so it’s like having mineral water on tap. You can even set your own temperature, so your kids can dispense their water chilled to the exact degree they like. If your kids complain that they don’t like drinking water, chances are it’s simply because they don’t like the water straight out of the tap. Try them with pure, chilled filtered water and they’re more than likely to change their minds.

Less sugar, less plastic

Your kids will have hopefully learned all about the dangers of a sugary diet, so when they realise the sheer amount of sugar in fruit juices and fizzy drinks they might be persuaded to hold off from rotting their teeth and stick to the filtered water option. They will definitely have learned all about plastic pollution, so by explaining to them that they can help save the planet by saying no to drinks in single-use plastic bottles, and by saying yes to their very own filtered water dispenser instead, then you might just have more converts in the family. And you don’t have to take our word for it, 90% of Virgin Pure customers have happily testified that they now drink more water. Here’s to healthily hydrated kids! 

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