Here are 10 great reasons to drink more water

By Bob Fear

Here are 10 great reasons to drink more water

Do you know all the stupidly simple ways in which drinking lots of water can improve your life?

Forget the latest pills, potions, supplements, diets and fads – water really can work everyday miracles.

1) Water makes you look young and fresh

Water keeps your skin tissues hydrated. Simple. Therefore, not drinking enough will make your skin look less fresh and more aged over time.

2) Water can help you lose weight

Drinking water moderates your need for food, improves your metabolism and makes you go to toilet more, all of which help maintain a balanced weight.

3) Water keeps you in a good mood

If your body’s water balance is off because you haven’t drunk enough, then you may get tired and be less alert - the first signs you've got a right old moody coming on. 

Mild dehydration can cause headaches and glugging water has been known to relieve a thick head within 30 minutes. Not sure it makes you more intelligent though.

4) Water makes you really cool, man

Your body sweats in order to lower your temperature when it’s getting hot, hot, hot. This means that you’re losing water. Making sure you drink enough to replace what you’ve lost helps you carry on being able to stay cool.

5) Water is the key to having a good morning

Drinking water first thing in the morning (as well as throughout the day) will help regulate your stomach acid and balance your metabolism.

Staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water and eating more hydrating foods means that your body will easily carry nutrients and waste between all of your major organs.

6) Water improves your digestion

Drinking water (in moderation) while eating helps your body digest your food - as well as balancing your food intake. This is why your doctor will always recommend drinking before and during mealtimes. 

Upset tummies, bloating, belching and constipation are fun for no-one and you want your body to just get on with the basic job of digestion.

7) Water helps prevent illness

According to the NHS, good hydration can help prevent, treat or manage conditions such as:

headaches constipation skin conditions
urinary infections gallstones poor oral health
heart disease diabetes kidney stones
low blood pressure cognitive impairment glaucoma

8) Water protects your precious bits

Sounds obvious but did you realise that you need to be properly hydrated so that all of the joints and soft tissue in your body are adequately shielded? 

We also take it for granted that all of our organs, our eyes, noses, mouths, all need to be moist. Water makes sure your inbuilt shock absorbers and lubrication capabilities are in full working order.

9) Water helps you breathe

Kind of essential really. Drinking enough water can help thin out horrible mucus and control congestion when you’re stuffy. Because we all like to be able to breathe easy.

10) Water stops your pee going brown and smelly

If you don’t drink enough water your pee turns dark yellow or even orangey-brown and it really honks.  No-one wants smelly brown pee – that’s just not good.

Next, discover the pros and cons of all the different types of water you can drink.

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