Ever wondered why we get sugar cravings?

By Chris Hann

Ever wondered why we get sugar cravings?

It’s natural to want something sweet, because humans are designed to like sweet things – a clever physiological trick to save us from the poisonous plants and berries, which usually have a bitter taste.

But stronger and irresistible desires for sugar all boil down to one thing: a lack of balancing the sugar in your blood.

Every time we eat the levels of sugar in our blood stream rises. This triggers the release of the hormone called insulin which has the job of regulating blood sugar levels by taking the sugar out of the blood and into the cells.

However, excessive consumption of sugar or refined foods like white bread and pasta upset the balance and produces a spike in blood sugar levels. 

The body responds by producing too much insulin which causes blood sugar levels to lower. This is when we experience energy slumps, feel irritable or faint and dizzy. 

The usual response is to reach for more sweet foods or stimulants (tea, coffee and chocolate) to boost energy again. Unfortunately this only adds to the roller coaster of high and low blood sugar levels.

So it’s down to this rollercoaster that we crave the sugar. In order to control our cravings we need to balance our blood sugar levels. However, not all sugary stuff is made the same way. Check out the list of artificial sweeteners and their side effect next.

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