​Create a water cooler moment at home

By Bob Fear

​Create a water cooler moment at home

We’re all used to the idea of having a water cooler at work, but now more of us work from home - why not a water cooler for home as well? It’s far too easy to sit in front of your computer all day and forget to stay hydrated.

Having a water cooler for home will help keep up the healthy habits you might have dropped if you’re not in the office so much. If you are in the workplace, then you’ll fully appreciate how a literal water cooler moment provides the regular breaks and social bonds you might have been missing while working from home.

There’s nothing like a natter and a cuppa to break up the working day. Regularly topping yourself up with fresh water does wonders for your mental and physical wellbeing while at work. Taking the time out for a bit of a gossip satisfies our social needs. Combining the two is a staple of our work routine.

So, while at home, why not grab a quick brew and have an impromptu Zoom chat with a colleague? A quick refresh of mind and body will help you get through the rest of the working day. Having a hot and cold water dispenser means you can pour yourself either a thirst-quenching glass of the chilled stuff or a nice refreshing brew in an instant, no wasting time or electricity with a kettle. Even better, a combined purification function means that you can turn your bog standard tap water into a great-tasting, triple-filtered tipple.

Having a water cooler at home or work also helps you reduce your single-use plastic habit. When we continually buy bottled water we are contributing to the ever-increasing amounts of plastic waste threatening the planet. Even if we do recycle plastic water bottles (and sadly most of us don’t) we’re still providing the demand that the big oil companies use to justify the continued mass production of unnecessary plastic.

If you can drop the habit of picking up a plastic bottle of water on the way to and from work, you’ll be helping to fix the plastic pollution problem. Having tasty, healthy, purified water on tap makes it so easy to ditch single-use plastic. Also, you’ll no longer need to take up valuable fridge space if you switch from buying bottled water for home to a water cooler for home. On top of all that, it’ll save you a ton of money in the long term. 

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