A treatise on on love & water in the modern age

By James Freeman

A treatise on on love & water in the modern age

The mind-body movement has continued to swell over the last decade, as increasing numbers of people become aware of the connection between their emotional, mental, and physical self. 

I was always fascinated to learn about experiences in finding balance and maintaining a positive mindset, so I set out to become an expert in the power of the mind-body connection.

How I entered my your current field of work

Honestly, it was going through the pain of creating a life that fell apart around me. I had always lived my life as a pessimist - the glass was always half empty. It was a defence mechanism - quite simply if you set your sights low then you don’t get too disappointed if things don’t work out. 

Or perhaps you might even expect failure in the first place - that’s a good way to fool yourself into thinking you’re avoiding disappointment. I used to do that all the time. I would also blame everyone else for everything that went wrong - not a happy place to be for either myself, or those around me.

Of course when you make everything outside of you the problem, not only do you draw more problems into your life, you spend a lot of time trying to fix them. This was my pattern until one day there was nothing left to fix. Everything that I had tried desperately to cling on to had somehow fallen apart.

There was only one place left to look - only one thing left to try and “fix” - that was me.

That was the catalyst for what has become the biggest and most amazing journey of my life. My life has quite literally turned around from the crushing low I reached and I feel younger, happier, more vibrant and empowered than I ever have in my life. 

My passion now is to share this with others because the journey I have been on is accessible to everyone given the right knowledge and coaching.

We need to look inside of ourselves

There are two fundamental messages I am passionate about sharing with others.

First of all, the answers are always inside us. In any situation, no matter how bad it may seem to us at the time, we have the power to choose our own reaction. 

That is our ultimate freedom, yet few of us choose to exercise it - we often believe that we are supposed to react a certain way to a given set of circumstances. 

Yet your thoughts, feelings and reactions are important for the second reason - the world around us responds proportionally and impartially to what we feel and think.

Often the way we react is the result of something that happened in our past and are just repeating a pattern - that was exactly what happened in my case. 

Quantum Physics is producing proof for this and as the most basic level, if you think and expect the worst will happen (as I did) then you are literally attracting those “worst case” situations into your life. 

However if you expect the best, then good situations and events will be on the way.

The inherent power of water

If you break everything in the world down into its most basic form, it is all made up of energy - this includes both our own bodies, and water.

Water has been shown to be incredibly responsive to both chemical impurities and energy from other sources such as thoughts and feelings, and even music. 

Dr Masaru Emoto spent many years researching and demonstrating this. We are all familiar with the concept of water being polluted by environmental issues, yet few people are aware that the changes in water’s structure are similar to chemical pollution when it is exposed to feelings of anger, hate, and negativity.

Our bodies are made up of anywhere between 50% and 65% water and as a result the purity of the water you put into your body really matters. 

Nobody would dream of drinking water from a polluted river or lake - you could reasonably expect this to result in some kind of disease. 

Yet are we really aware of exactly what comes out of our taps? Or what energy the water has picked up on it’s journey to your glass?

Consider that we are constantly losing water through various natural mechanisms (e.g. perspiration) and topping up through drinking, and so that 50-65% is constantly being renewed. You are literally renewing at least half of your body on a regular basis just through this cycle. 

Now consider that your own thoughts and feelings can affect not only the water in your glass, but the water contained in our bodies too, and you can quickly see how feelings of negativity are having a negative impact on your own body. 

Yet through the simple actions of ensuring we drink pure water, and are kind and loving towards ourselves (and others!) we are having a massive impact on our own health and wellbeing.

James Freeman is a Positivity and Empowerment Coach, Reiki Master-Teacher, and Presenter on Source TV. He actively lives all he has learned and is now on a mission to share this with others. He will be regularly talks about the benefits of hydration and a positive mindset on your energy, success and holistic well-being.

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