6 adverse affects dehydration can have on you

By Bob Fear

6 adverse affects dehydration can have on you

If you've got a real thirst-on, then you might have slipped in to the first stage of dehydration. This kind of mild dehydration can have a number of quite significant impacts on you. 

Technically, thirst = a 1% loss of water in your body. This may not sound much but this means that your memory function, attention-span, concentration and reaction time can decrease by about 10%.

Dehydration not only impairs people physically, it can also lead to cognitive decline. Just 2 hours of dehydration can have an impact on your body and brain in a number of ways.

What impact it can have

  1. Adversely affect your mental performance
  2. Impair your hand-eye motor co-ordination
  3. Reduce alertness & increase tiredness
  4. Make you light-headed or give you a headache
  5. Make you irritable or more aggressive
  6. Make you feel like you can't summon up any effort

How to combat the effects

Glugging anything from a small glass of water to a full water bottle can have an immediate alerting and revitalising effect. It can even help to relieve headaches caused by mild dehydration within half an hour.

If you get lots of headaches or migraines - drinking an extra litre of water a day has shown to help reduce their duration and intensity.

If you're not feeling 100%, you don't necessarily need to reach for tons of supplements or miracle health cures - you might just need to drink a bit more water.

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