5 Top Hydration Apps to Help You Drink More Water | Virgin Pure

By Bob Fear

5 Top Hydration Apps to Help You Drink More Water | Virgin Pure

If you want to make sure you stay healthily hydrated throughout the day, using an app to drink water may be the trick you need. It’s recommended that we drink around six to eight glasses a day, but most of us don’t drink enough water. Sometimes it’s easy to forget, so how about an app to remind you? We take a look at the top five water reminder apps – read on!

Why should I get an app to drink water?

Using an app for water reminders will help you drink enough fluids to stay as hydrated as you should be. Around two thirds of our bodies are made up of water, and we need to maintain that level in order to function properly. If we start to get dehydrated, not only do we feel thirsty, but we may also become tired, groggy, and be susceptible to headaches. Our cognitive functions may also suffer - preventing us from thinking clearly.

An app to drink water will keep track of what you drink throughout the day and push you to drink more fluid if you need to. Your daily hydration goals will be set by inputting your gender, weight and other relevant factors. All you have to do is update the app every time you take a drink. If you don’t, the app will remind you to drink water before you start to get dehydrated.

There are a dizzying amount of apps for water reminders to choose from. To give you a head start we’ve taken a look at the five most popular. 

5 Apps to drink more water

Water Reminder - Daily Tracker

Apple’s numberone app to remind you to drink water is the ‘does what it says on the tin’ program - Water Reminder. While its name lacks imagination, its apparent popularity might bring you round. Highly rated on both App Store and Google Play, its users praise its intuitiveness and how straightforward it is to set reminders at whatever frequency you prefer, making it super easy for you to drink more water. It handily breaks down the nutritional value of your drinks, but the free version only tracks eight. Some bemoan the high subscription cost, which enables you to track nutritional intake across a whole load more drinks. But you can’t argue with the impressive ratings.

Water Reminder – App Store: 4.7*

Water Reminder – Google Play: 4.8*


Waterllama also features among the top App Store water trackers, having been shortlisted for the Apple Design Awards and earning a 4.9 star rating. However, there’s no Android version. Reviewers say this one is definitely design over function. While there’s much fun to be had filling up your amazing technicolor llama, playing along with the Lose Lactose Platypus or cutting your caffeine with the Capuchin - the downside is a lack of accuracy and technical sophistication compared to competitors. But hey, if cute animal characters help your hydration levels, then this app for drinking more water is a winner.

Waterllama – App Store: 4.9*

Plant Nanny

Despite the name suggesting this might be a gardening app, Plant Nanny uses the analogy of keeping your cartoon pot plant happy to remind you to drink enough water we lose so much throughout the day. Like Waterllama, this app goes for cute graphic fun over functionality. Definitely another winner in the gamification stakes but its childish interface might quickly become annoying. Despite relatively hefty prices for in-app purchases and subscriptions, it boasts over a million downloads and 126,000 reviews on Google Play. Plant Nanny water reminder app scores among the highest with users.

Plant Nanny – App Store: 4.7*

Plant Nanny – Google Play: 4.6*


A top one with the critics and the highest ranking health and fitness app here, WaterMinder® is the only one with an upfront cost. But at just £4.49, it might be worth it. The sleek design fills up your thirsty avatar as you go, but the simple interface belies a sophistication that betters competitors. Just enter your gender, weight, activity level and local climate and it’ll work out your daily hydration goal by tracking up to 17 different drinks. The app will push you to drink more until you reach your goal, whereas other apps just keep on reminding you regardless, while pushing you to pay for more functionality.
WaterMinder® - App Store: 4.6*
WaterMinder® - Google Play: 4.4*


Animals seem to be a hit as, along with Waterllama, Watercat also boasts 4.9 star rating for both Apple and Android versions. As the name would imply, a fat cat in a cup offers to keep track of your water intake, with daily goals set according to your weight and activity. We mostly like the ironic cat motif, because we know how much cats love water. This nice bit of irreverence lifts it out of cloying cutesiness, and the charts and reminders are nice and easy to follow. And it’s completely free - no in-app purchases at all. The Watercat app to increase your water consumption works for us!

Watercat – App Store: 4.9*

Watercat – Google Play: 4.9*

We’ve searched through all the water reminder apps and these are the top five most popular. If you need a little nudge every day to drink a bit more water, then why not try one of the apps here that sound most suitable for you and see if it helps you stay hydrated?

Another way to ensure you meet your daily hydration goals is to always have pure, crisp filtered water on tap. The Virgin Pure home water system dispenses hot and cold, purified water on demand. So, along with your app, there are no more excuses for not drinking water! Next, check out the most common water myths and discover the facts behind the most precious liquid on the planet.

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