12 reasons why you need a water dispenser at home

By Bob Fear

12 reasons why you need a water dispenser at home

There are a hundred great reasons why you should have a Virgin Pure System in your home. As we thought that listing all one hundred reasons would get boring quite quickly, we decided to just focus on our top 12!

1) Tastes better than normal

When the Virgin Pure System dispenses your water for you, we also triple-filter and purify it for you - which means it'll taste very good indeed. Some people think water has no taste but maybe that's because they haven't tasted decent, pure water the way it should be (shame!), Better tasting water will magically make everything else you add it to so much better as well - everything from your tea and coffee to your cooking.

2) Better for your health

Virgin Pure's filtration and purification process reduces lots of the chlorine, bacteria and other naughty contaminants that sneak in to your tap water - therefore ensuring that it's much more healthy to drink. Unlike this fancy-sounding 'reverse osmosis' gubbins, we don't remove the naturally occurring minerals found in water (such as potassium and calcium) so having a Virgin Pure System is just like having mineral water on tap. Nice.

3) Makes it easy to drink more water

90% of our customers say they drink more water since they had their Virgin Pure System installed. We all know that we should drink more water, but actually doing something about it seems to be such a challenge. It makes it far easier when you have hot or cold, great-tasting purified water on tap... really, it does.

4) Helps your sugar free diet

The main sources of added sugar that regularly cause us to exceed our recommended daily limit are fizzy drinks, squashes and fruit juices. Having a purified water dispenser makes it so much easier to ditch the sugary drinks and top up your fluid quota with lots of the good stuff. (Buying less sugary drinks will also save you money, bargain...)

5) Saves you money

If you buy lots of bottled water then it should work out cheaper to join Virgin Pure. At a cost of around twenty pounds a month you get all the triple-filtered, purified, hot and cold water you want. The more you drink, the cheaper it gets - it's not magic - it's just maths!


6) Saves you space

If you store lots of water in the fridge to keep it cold, joining Virgin Pure will also save you a bit valuable space. Our System will ensure you're always nice and chilled any time you want, so no need to stress. You'll also save a bit of cupboard space by finally ditching that dusty old water filter jug you never use...

7) Instantly right for tea or coffee

Our System dispenses water at 92-96 ° - the perfect temperature for tea and coffee, apparently. So no more burned beans, leaves or tongues and no more waiting for a crusty old kettle to boil. Instant hot water at the touch of a button - because when you want your caffeine - you want it NOW (or is that just us?).

8) Boiling hot water on tap

The Virgin Pure System's extra-hot button will boost your water to boiling in a flash - because we know that some people like it really hot, really quick. This is very handy indeed for filling pots and pans when you're cooking - so you can boil that pasta or those potatoes in super quick time...

9) Adapts to mugs and glasses

Our super smart water dispenser puts you in proper control. You can set the Virgin Pure System to dispense exactly the right amount of hot or cold water for your favourite glass or mug. It even allows you to allow a little room for that dash of milk (clever, eh?).

10) Keeps it chilled or ambient

No more storing huge bottles of stale water in the fridge or running the tap for ages before it gets anywhere near cold. You can set the Virgin Pure System to dispense your water at exactly the temperature you prefer - anything from 10 to 50°. If you prefer your pure water at somewhere near room temperature then there's even a 'mix' button which lets you choose your ratio of hot and cold to create your own perfect mix.

11) Makes you look cool

It's not just our water that's super cool! The Virgin Pure System has won an International Design Excellence Award, so we think we're justified in saying we look cool. And if we look cool, then you look cool too by having us in your kitchen. 

12) You won't be able to live without it

Lots of customers say that once they have their Virgin Pure System installed, they can't imagine life without it. But hey, we don't really like to blow our own trumpet (ahem) so take a look at what our lovely customers have to say themselves on Google (where we have a 4.3* rating).

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