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We remove the bad stuff…

We know how important it is to look after your family’s health. That’s why our WaterBars’ first job is water purification. Removing all the bad stuff from tap water – like chlorine, rust, and bacteria.

But keep the good

But it’s not all about what our water filters remove. Water naturally carries lots of essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium, which are vital for good health. Our WaterBars don’t change water’s chemical balance and makes sure our water keeps all of it’s natural goodness. We like to think of them as healthy filters.

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Anatomy of a glass of our Purified Water

What’s not found in our pure water

The Natural Minerals retained in our pure water

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And in case you were wondering here is why drinking enough water is important

  • Maintains the body’s balance
    Water allows the body to transport nutrients, control body temperature, aids digestion and helps many more essential bodily functions.
  • Prevents aching joints and muscles
    Proper hydration helps the body prevent cramps, joint pain, and strains.
  • Increases productivity
    One main side effects of dehydration is tiredness and a lack of concentration. Staying well hydrated can help concentration and alertness.
  • Helps the Kidneys work
    The Kidneys filter waste from our blood before sending it to the bladder, adequate fluids help the kidney function to remove the this waste away efficiently.
  • Good for muscles
    Muscle tissue contains a high percentage of water (about 75%). The greater the mass of muscle, the more we need to drink to maintain it and prevent dehydration.
  • Keeps skin looking healthy
    Water is essential to maintain skin hydration.
  • Fights illness
    The NHS says hydration can help prevent conditions such as headaches, heart disease, diabetes, kidney stones and gallstones to name just a few.
  • Encourages weight loss
    Consuming enough water stems your need for food and improves metabolism consequently helping to manage weight.
  • Aids digestion
    Drinking water whilst eating helps digestion of food as well as helping you regulate your food consumption.
  • Helps you perform at your best
    Water improves athletic performance – Lack of fluids can impair performance and physical fitness. A slight decrease in the body’s water level, even at a rate of 2%, can reduce physical and mental fitness by 10% to 20

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