Water Flow is suddenly reduced

    Water Flow rate maybe affected by water pressure

    The Water System flow rate depends on the incoming water pressure, there are lots of possible reasons for water pressure changes, for example equipment such as washing machines can reduce water pressure the same as opening a tap would do.

    Very low water pressure can cause an internal leak while using hot water function.

    Check pipework from main water supply

  1. 1

    Check for any kinks or bends in pipework from main water supply to the rear connection on the water system.

  2. Check your filter

  3. 1

    Remove your filter and give it a little shake and re-insert.

  4. Ensure your water system has been descaled or serviced

  5. 1

    For serviced 5 months or less remove the filter, give filter a little shake over a sink and reinsert.

  6. 2

    For serviced more than 5 months your Water System may be past its service date, a service kit has been sent to you.

    Click here if you haven't received your service pack

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