Neither hot or cold function work

    Check pipework from main water supply

    Check for any kinks or bends in pipework from main water supply to the rear connection on the water system.

  1. 1

    Check for any kinks or bends in pipework from piping behind the machine.

  2. 2

    Also check for any bends or kinks leading up to the main water supply (e.g. under the kitchen sink) if it is visible

  3. 3

    Check isolation taps at the main water supply are in the Open position (the handle should be in line with the pipe)

  4. If issue still persists either do the followimg:

  5. 1

    Remove filter and reinsert into the machine.

  6. 2

    Unplug the Water System from the power supply by removing from electrical socket. Wait up to 60 seconds and plug your Water System and turn on power.

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