Spread your Water System cost over 6 or 12 months

We’ve teamed up with Splitit to offer a convenient way to spread the cost of paying for your Water System with no applications or credit checks

The benefits of using Splitit

No application or credit check

All you need is your debit or credit card.

Manage payments online

Log in to your Splitit account for full plan oversight.

No late fees

We won’t charge you late fees if you miss a payment.

Use your Debit or Credit Card

Keep payments low by spreading the cost equally over 6 or 12 months using your existing Debit or Credit Card. No big payments at the start or the end.

Spread the cost interest free

0% APR, interest-free, no hidden fees. However you want to say it, you’ll never pay a penny more than the price of the product—even if you decide to pay off the plan early.

How Splitit Works

(prices from)
Pay today £19.99*

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11 monthly payments £19.99*

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Home Water System £239.99

(*example price for demonstration only. Prices may vary.)

  • Splitit allows you to pay for purchases with an existing debit card by splitting the cost into interest-free monthly payments
  • All you will pay today is the first instalment.
  • All future payments will be taken on the same date, every month, for 11 months.

Your payment card expiry date must be at least 6 months from date of purchase

Get purified, filtered water on tap

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Frequently asked questions

  • What’s Splitit?

    Splitit is our preferred payment partner. They enable you to pay for purchases with an existing debit or credit card by splitting the cost into interest and fee-free monthly payments, without additional credit checks, registrations or applications.

  • Is installation included in the cost?

    Installation is always included in the cost for all of our packages, along with your first filter and first UV lamp.

  • What if I change my mind and have set up a monthly plan?

    No problem. Let us know within 30 days of installation and we’ll come and collect the system free of charge.

    Your payment plan will be cancelled and anything you have paid so far will be refunded in full with no extra charges.

  • What about packages for businesses?

    We offer a special business package and you can find more information here

  • Is there an application process to use Splitit?

    Splitit requires no application or registration. You use your existing Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card. Therefore there is no credit check or marks on your credit history.

  • How do I track my instalments?

    When you make a purchase using Splitit, you will be asked to provide your email. Splitit sends you credentials so you can log in to the Splitit consumer portal to check your instalment status and view other information regarding your purchase. Splitit will also email you after each successful instalment charge.

  • Can I pay off my instalments early?

    Yes, you can. This option is available on your Splitit consumer portal with no fees or penalties.

  • What if my card is going to expire in the middle of payments?

    Your card must have at least 6 months before the expiry date to be used with Splitit.

  • What if my card gets lost or stolen?

    If something happens to your card, please do the following:

    • Contact your card company to report the card lost.
    • Visit the Splitit portal and update your payment plan with another card. Go to the “payment plan information” tab, select your payment plan, and click “update card details.” Enter the new card details and click “confirm.”
    • If you are having any trouble, please email support@splitit.com.

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