Pay monthly with a Credit Card

Use Splitit to pay in monthly installments, interest free with your credit card.

There are no credit checks, no additional fees and no interest.
You just use your existing Credit Card to spread the payments into easy monthly instalments.

  • Splitit allows you to spread the total payment over twelve or twenty four months using your credit card.
    To use this payment method all you need is a credit card with a sufficient amount of available credit.
    Splitit authorises the total order value but don’t worry, this is not taken in full when you purchase but rather in easy monthly instalments.
  • The difference between using Splitit and paying in full today is that your credit card bill will only charge the manageable monthly instalment not the full cost of the WaterBar in one go. Making your bill easier to pay in full every month.
  • For example you choose to purchase a T6 WaterBar, your order is £399.99 and you choose a 24 month Splitit payment term. You pay the first instalment at the time of order £16.67 and the remaining balance of £383.32 is held on your credit card.
    If your credit card limit is £1,000, while you’ll only be charged £16.67 at the time, you’ll only be able to access £616.68 for other purchases. The following month the next instalment of £16.67 will be charged and the authorised balance will decrease to £366.65 – this will continue until the balance is zero.
    You can edit your payment plan at any time and this includes paying off the balance in full with no additional fees.
  • You can choose to pay either over 12 or 24 months. The first installment is taken upon ordering and then at 30 day intervals for the duration of the plan.

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Spread the cost with your credit card from £16.67 per month

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