Pay monthly with a Debit Card

We’ve teamed up with Splitit to allow you to pay in monthly instalments, interest free with your Debit Card.

There are no credit checks, no additional fees and no interest.
You just use your existing Debit Card to spread the payments into easy monthly instalments.

  • To use this payment method you need a Debit Card with the balance for the total purchase available at the time of order, although this amount will NOT be taken upfront.
    To verify your account for the instalments the total order value will be authorized and then instantly refunded in a matter of milliseconds.All that is taken from your account when ordering is the first instalment. The next instalment will be taken 30 days later.
  • You will see the account verification authorization appear as a charge and refund on your bank statement.
    The first monthly instalment will show as a payment to Virgin Pure.
  • You’ll simply spread the total cost into 12 even monthly payments and won’t pay anymore than if you had paid in full upfront.
  • This service is available over 12 instalments
  • Yes you can pay the remaining balance in full at any time with no additional fees.

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Spread the cost with your debit card from £33.33 per month

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