Everything You Need for Unlimited Pure Water

Explore our Water Systems and Services or order your UV Lamps and Water Filter replacements.

Water Systems

Whether for your family at home or your colleagues at work our range of smart products are designed to give you the purest water whenever you want it.

Home Water System
From £399.99 £299.99 or 12 interest-free payments of £33.33 £24.99 With only the first installment payable today
Save up to £100 until 3rd June. Terms apply
  • Choose from 3 packages from £24.99 per month*
  • Get started today with a first payment of just £24.99
  • Simply select what suits you best

*Additional WaterCare+ subscription required

Work Water System
Black T6 centre view with glass of water
£22.99 / month + £39.99 installation
  • Designed for high usage workspaces.
  • Unlimited pure water, instantly boiling or chilled.
  • Tough and durable.
  • Four colours available.

Service and Accessories

Enjoy the taste of pure, crisp water without interruption.
When it comes to keeping your Water System working in tip-top form there are two options:

Most Popular

Our most popular option. WaterCare+ is a hassle-free subscription including everything you need, all for an affordable monthly payment. What’s more, you save over £60 compared to buying the same parts individually.

£12.95 per month for 12 months for everything you need

42p per day / £155.40 per year
Pay as you go

Alternatively, you can pay as you go: adding what you need, when you need it.
12-month warranty is a £70 one-off payment and Water Filter and UV Lamp Packs start from £49.99.

Warranty £70
6 month filter replacement £49.99
12 month filter and UV lamp replacement £99.99

60p per day / £219.98 per year

Services we offer

Monthly service cost £12.95 / month

A monthly service that saves you time and effort. Designed to give you everything you need to enjoy the best Pure Water, at all times.

  • Includes:
    • A new filter delivered to you every 6 months
    • A new UV lamp delivered to you every 12 months
    • Extended Warranty
    • Unlimited repair and replace service
    • Unlimited re-installs at your new property if you move

    *WaterCare+ service plan minimum 12 month agreement

Only available via phone please call 0207 022 6471 or
Request a call back
Extended Warranty
Monthly service cost £70 / year

Conditions apply. Warranty cannot be added if your Water System has had a period without cover.

  • Includes:
    • Unlimited call-outs with no surprise repair costs
    • Breakdown protection
    • A replacement appliance of a similar age if it can’t be fixed
    • Access to a network of approved engineers
Only available via phone please call 0207 022 6471 or
Request a call back

UV Lamp and Water Filter Replacements

Paying as you go? Keep your water crisp and pure with our replacement parts

6 Month Filter Pack

Our Filter Pack contains everything you need for your Water System's essential 6 month service. Taking just a couple of minutes, changing your filter every 6 months ensures the maximum impurities continue to be removed from your water.

Filter and UV Pack

Over time, your Filter and UV lamp naturally lose effectiveness. Replacing them at the correct intervals is vital to ensure your Water System continues to dispense pure, great tasting water. Our Filter and UV Pack includes everything you need for your 12 month service.


Even more ways to enjoy refreshing pure water

Virgin Pure Bottle

Our BPA free Water Bottle is designed for daily use with cold drinks. Its durable, lightweight and strong meaning its impact resistant and dishwasher friendly.

Premium Virgin Pure Bottle

BPA free and suitable for hot and cold drinks, our Premium Water Bottle is strong and tough with a 650ml capacity. It features a drip free closure and is dishwasher durable.