A Virgin Pure home water system isn’t the only solution on the market to provide you with filtered water. Naturally, we believe ours is the best solution – that’s why we do what we do! But we want to offer you a fair comparison to the other choices. So, we took a look at filter jugs, bottled water and integrated taps that filter and boil your water and stacked up all the information we could find. May the best water filter system win!

Features Comparison

Virgin Pure Filter Taps Filter Jug Bottled Water
Unlimited filtered water
Instant hot water
Instant chilled water
50+ temperature settings
Pre-set cup size
Smart wake up function
Maintenance 6 months 6 months Monthly When you run out
What it will cost you [see data sources]
Weekly cost 1st year £8.36 £22.25 £1.18 £17.71
Weekly cost 3rd year £6.92 £8.53 93p £17.71

What's filtered out of the water?

Virgin Pure Home Water System II Leading Filter Jug* Leading Hot Tap**
Bacteria and parasites
Herbicides and Pesticides
Manufacturing Waste
Medical Waste
*Comparison vs. Brita Maxtra 2 filter source www.brita.co.uk
** Comparison vs. Quooker flex tap with Cube source www.quooker.co.uk

What is the best water filter system: Virgin Pure vs. Filter Jugs

When it comes to finding the best water purifier for home, Virgin Pure is the convenient and cleaner option

Based on cost alone, the cheapest filtered water solution is a filter jug. It has a low one-off upfront cost and monthly replacement filters are also affordable.

However, the problems with fridge storage space, a relatively unsophisticated filtration system, the fact it can become a breeding ground for bacteria and the lack of an integrated hot water solution means that a filter jug may not be the smartest option overall.

What is best: Water Filter System vs. Bottled Water

Save £2000 as well as the planet

Bottled water may look like a good solution based on the short-term cost. But in the long run, you could be spending £2,000 more over three years than you would if you invested in a Virgin Pure home water system.

Then there’s the unnecessary damage to the planet caused by the high amount of plastic waste you generate every time you buy bottled water.

What is the best water purifier: Virgin Pure vs. Filter Taps

If you want a water purifier with more features and kinder to your wallet, Virgin Pure has got you covered.

An integrated filter and boiling tap is the most expensive solution, with a prohibitively high one-off upfront cost which typically does not include installation (unlike Virgin Pure).

Subsequent ongoing costs are also higher than a Virgin Pure home water system, which has a more sophisticated filtration system and also provides you with instant chilled water as well as hot.

So there you have it

When weighing up the pros and cons to decide the best water filter system for you home, your decision, Virgin Pure is the clear winner. But, as they say, the choice is yours...

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