How to maintain your Virgin Pure Water System

A quick look at the quick maintenance needed to keep your system pure

Simple water filter maintenance in minutes

Our Water Systems are designed to be easy to use and low maintenance. With a couple of quick services, that you can do yourself, your Water System will work flawlessly all year round.

In both instances, each part pops in and out in just a couple of minutes, with no need for tools.

Service 1: Every 6 months

The carbonated filter works by absorbing chemicals and particles from the water, which means over time it will become saturated and needs changing.

Testing has shown that changing the filter every 6 months ensures that your Water Systems filter will continue to run at peak efficiency.

Changing the filter is a quick job, simply ‘click out – click in’.

Service 2: Every 12 months

First, change the filter as described in Service 1. Next, you need to change the UV Lamp. Like a light bulb in your home, the bacteria-killing UV lamp will lose brightness over time.

Our extensive testing has shown that changing the lamp every 12 months will ensure you continue to receive the full benefit of the bacteria-killing UV treatment.

To change the UV lamp, simply lift the lid on your Water System, press the eject button to remove the old lamp, and then insert a new one. Once you close the lid again, you’re all set!

Perform two simple services and your Virgin Pure Water System will dispense pure water all year.

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