Error 4

    Ensure that your machine has proper airflow

  1. 1

    Make sure that the Water System is at least 10 cm away. If less than 10cm, pull machine further away from the wall.

  2. 2

    Check if there is something that may be blocking the vents underneath. (Such as a cloth or a towel under the machine).

    The Water System has vents underneath, if those are blocked the Water System will not refrigerate.

  3. 3

    Remove the towel (or item blocking vents) and reset: Unplug the Water System from the power supply for 20 seconds then plug it back in.

  4. 4

    Wait a minute for the system to start working.

  5. 5

    Wait for the cooling operation to complete (approximately 30 minutes to fully chill).

  6. Please allow a day for smells to dissipate. If this issue persists, then:

    Contact Customer services to schedule a technical visit

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