No its not longer than 12 months since the UV lamp was changed or the machine was originally installaed?

    When replacing the UV light we need to reset the UV system to let it know it has a new UV bulb installed.

    Resetting your UV:

  1. 1

    Remove top decorative cover

  2. 2

    Remove UV light from its holder in the machine

  3. 3

    Replace UV light into machine

  4. 4

    You will see N and U onscreen. Using the blue illuminated button cycle between N and U untill you have 'N' onscreen (this means NEW). Press Menu button to c onfirm your choice

  5. 5

    Dispense cold water and check icon colour

  6. If Icon is still red

    Please contact customer services on 0207 022 6471 for further assistance.

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