Error 60

    Ensure that your machine has proper airflow

  1. 1

    check for any kinks/pinches in the pipework leading to the water system and remove them.

  2. did this solve the problem?

  3. 2

    Check if there are there any other water consuming devices in operation which could cause low water pressure in the building. (washing machines, taps, showers etc.)

    Try to stop these other water consuming devices and test the water system operation.

    low water pressure can cause a fault with the water system, sometimes outside factors can affect the pressure too, such as building works in the area

  4. 3

    remove filter from water system, over a sink give the filter a little shake and re-insert.

    you may require a new filter soon, if you havent changed the filter in the last 6 months your machine is due a service, your service kit will be sent to you every 6 months

  5. Please allow a day for smells to dissipate. If this issue persists, then:

    Contact Customer services to schedule a technical visit

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