1) The water cycle

The Earth’s water has always been the same – the amount doesn’t ever change. The same water keeps going through a constant cycle – evaporating from oceans, lakes, rivers, puddles and plants in to pure, clean vapour that cools in to droplets that form clouds.

Those droplets then fall as fresh rain that replenishes the oceans, lakes and rivers and seeps back in to the ground.

2) Contaminated cycle

The water cycle should keep our water clean but more and more pollution is contaminating it.

Industrial, agricultural and domestic waste is running in to the oceans, lakes and rivers and seeping in to the ground. Pollution in the atmosphere from cars and factories is mixing with the water vapour in the air.


3) Surface water & ground water

Our freshwater comes from either lakes, rivers & reservoirs (surface water) or from the porous underground rocks (aquifers) that store rain water (ground water)

Regional water authorities in the UK either draw surface water from the lakes, rivers and reservoirs or pump up ground water through boreholes.

4) Local water treatment

Your local water supplier then treats this water.

Ground water is disinfected with chlorine to get rid of bacteria. While dodgy solids, particles, chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers or micro-organic stuff you might find floating about in open water are removed, surface water is also disinfected with chlorine.

5) The water mains

This water then makes its way from the water treatment works through the water mains – huge pipes that run all across the UK through towns, cities and countryside.

6) Into your home

The water then reaches wherever you are via the pipes in and around your building.

7) The WaterBar

Your WaterBar will then take care of the water that you drink.

Water from your mains pipes is directed through a final, small pipe (the width of a pencil) straight in to your WaterBar.

8) Triple filtration

Your water then goes through our triple filtration system:

1) Our mesh at the inlet pipe traps all of the big old bits of naughty dirt that will have been picked up from the mains pipes

2) Our sediment filter then gets rid of smaller, devious little impurities such as rust and sand

3) Our clever activated carbon filter then absorbs organic matter and other contaminants – including the chlorine which gives your water a bitter aftertaste and can be a bit pongy

9) UV purification

The chilled water is purified by the ultraviolet lamp – which keeps the water free from nasty bacteria once the chlorine has been removed.

All of this is done without producing any dangerous by-products and without causing any chemical changes.

10) Pure water

The hot water is first treated to remove any yucky scale, before being boiled in the hot tank, which also destroys any nasty bacteria.

All of the essential minerals (like magnesium, calcium and potassium) beneficial to our health are kept in your water.

And there you have it – delicious water with healthy minerals, much more like the fresh stuff travelling around the natural water cycle.

Just for you at the touch of a button.
 Every drop tasting as pure as it should.


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