1) Pick your WaterBar

Choose between the T6 and the T7 designs and pick from five different colours.

2) Your price plan

12 month contract with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

There’s also a £29 installation fee, which you can pay when you checkout

3) Pick your place

Within two metres from a plug socket and up to 15 metres from your mains water (accessed via a small, pencil-sized hole in the countertop if needs be – which our engineers will take care of)

4) Pick an installation date

Our team will call you to arrange a date for your installation

5) Installation day!

One of our engineers will visit you to install your WaterBar & show you how to use it (they might even make your first cuppa for you if you’re lucky…)

6) Personalise your WaterBar

Use all the different features to ensure your WaterBar suits your needs

(see How to personalise your WaterBar)

7) Monthly payment time

Your first monthly payment goes out shortly after installation day

Subsequent payments will go out on the same day every month

8) Replacement filters & lamps

We’ll post your replacement filters to you every 6 months and your replacement UV lamps every 12 months to ensure your WaterBar keeps purifying to perfection.

9) Engineer visits

If anything ever goes wrong with your WaterBar one of our super-handy engineers will come and fix it for you at no extra cost

10) Ta-dah!

Pure and healthy water for evermore…


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