The new Home Water System II, better filtration, better for the environment, better design, better for you and your family

Enjoy the worlds most powerful

countertop filtration system

Explore how our patented 6 stage filtration process delivers an unrivalled glass of clean, fresh, tasty water

Step 1

2 inlet filters remove particles such as rust and dirt

Step 2

Water reaches the unique new filtration system, where multiple layers of patented materials with a pleated external layer maximize contact with the water to increase impurity removal and the speed of filtration providing more pure water faster.

Step 3

Water is forced via a unique hydraulic system through a patented combination of nano fibres, super pro-active carbon and active purification compounds to deliver world leading impurity removal

Step 4

A newly developed Polyphosphate layer embedded into the water filter prevents scale forming. This means every time the filter is changed scale prevention is kept 100% effective through systems life

Step 5

A smart chip located deep within the filter records usage and alerts when the filter needs changing

Step 6

Water is then exposed to light from a special UV lamp. This means bacteria, parasites and waterborne cysts cannot develop while it sits in the water tank.

Removes impurities other filters cannot

Discover what our patented water purification system removes


Bacteria, parasites and waterborne cysts


Herbicides and Pesticides

Atrazine, Linuron

Industrial Waste

Lead, Mercury, TCPP, TCEP, Nonylphenol, Asbestos, Bisphenol A

Medical and Biological Waste

Atenolol, Ibuprofen, Trimethoprim, Carbamazepine, Hormones, Deet

Microplastics and Particles

Removes 99% of microplastic particles as well as other debris such as rust

Virgin Pure Home Water System II
vs. the best selling filter jug

What's filtered out of the water?

Virgin Pure Home Water System II Leading Filter Jug
Bacteria and parasites
Herbicides and Pesticides
Manufacturing waste
Medical Waste
*Comparison vs. Brita Maxtra 2 filter source

What the experts say

  Dr Gary Hatch   

There are no products that can compete with Virgin Pure in the water dispenser category. Virgin Pure is the best and most advanced product technology available in the market today

Dr Gary Hatch is a global authority on water filtration with over 40 of years industry experience and a doctorate in chemistry from Kansas State University in the USA

Dr Richard Danielson

Virgin Pure can be considered an advanced and superior solution for a microbiological barrier relative to other water dispensers that are available today

Dr Danielsen possesses a PhD research at UC Berkeley School of Public Health and served as Chief of the Environmental Microbial Diseases Section of the Microbial Diseases Laboratory in the California Department of Health Services. 

36% more energy efficient than a kettle and uses just 0.67 KWh per day, that’s about 4p

How energy usage compares for
a single cup of hot water

Single serve coffee maker*

0.26 KWh per cup

Electric Kettle**

0.11 KWh per cup

Home Water System II

0.07 KWh per cup 

* Source:
** Source:

15% smaller in size than the original Home Water System with no compromise on what it delivers. See how the Home Water System II could become part of your kitchen

Time to throw out the filter jug and
say goodbye to the kettle.

Caters for all your family's needs. Instant, healthy, filtered, chilled and boiling water. With unique child lock system meaning its safe for everyone to use.

Why hundreds of thousands of
customers love Virgin Pure

Product Specifications

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    Energy saving mode.

    Allows you to set your system home water filter to wake-up when you need it and power down when you don’t.

    Secure child lock function.

    Children can dispense cold water but never hot. Your engineer will setup this feature.

    Hands-free filling.

    Use the autofill function to set pour levels to automatically fill a glass or cup. Your engineer will help to set this up for you during installation.

    Wake-up mode.

    Make sure you are not left waiting for your morning brew by setting times for your Home Water Filtration System to wake up when you need it most.

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    Energy Use

    0.67 kilowatts per hour, per day (based on 11 litres of water dispensed per day, 80% cold and 20% hot)

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    Temperature Range
    Hot 92 - 96 °C
    Cold 5 - 16 °C
    Ambient 10 - 50 °C
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    Our Advanced filtration removes


    Bisphenol A (used to manufacture plastics)




    Rust and Dirt




    Ibuprofen (medication in the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug class that is used for treating pain, fever, and inflammation)

    Atenolol (beta blocker medication primarily used to treat high blood pressure and heart-associated chest pain)

    Trimethoprim (an antibiotic used mainly in the treatment of bladder infections)

    Nonylphenol (used in manufacturing antioxidants, lubricating oil additives, laundry and dish detergents, emulsifiers, and solubilizers)

    Linuron (herbicide used to control germinating and newly emerging grasses and broad-leafed weeds)

    TCEP (reducing agent to break disulfide bonds within and between proteins as a preparatory step for gel electrophoresis)

    DEET (insect repellents)

    TCPP (commonly used in polyurethane foam in consumer products and in home insulation, and in electronics.)

    Metolachlor (herbicide)

    Naproxen (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug used to treat pain, menstrual cramps, inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, gout, and fever.)

    Carbamazepine (anticonvulsant medication used primarily in the treatment of epilepsy and neuropathic pain)

    Atrazine (a herbicide used to prevent weeds)

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    Heating Power 2000w
    Cooling Power 100w
    Hot capacity 80 cups per hour
    Cold capacity 40 cups per hour

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